Getting Dinged for "Unscannable Label"... But I Can See it In Photos?


You know how they have sold as a set stickers, —maybe you should have some big bright orange ones that say do not cover stickers?,— alternatively print a second-set put it on the side of the box and maybe that will get you over this nonsense…

it’s hard enough putting the stuff together getting it packed properly so it won’t break getting your sheet packing sheet in each box getting it to the carrier, without flips and flaws in the system…

You also might want to complain to your carrier, maybe they can get their folks to not cover, labels as they are moving them within their distribution stream…


Good idea. If it happens again, we will try the orange sticker.


You want to do it now, …you don’t want to happen happen in the future… They will take away your ability to send things to FBA… And or they will fine you…

And I was half joking about the labels I don’t think anybody actually makes one you would probably have to make it up yourself…

You could always try the Uline catalog… This might happen enough that they might consider this a new product line…

I think funky mentioned using those plastic things like you put packing slips in but that might be difficult if you’re printing the stickers on sticker stuff…


It was shipped by UPS. My labels been fine there, when I shipped many times. FBA shipping fees are ridiculous.Sometimes the warehouse don’t even admit their own faults.


Went through something similar last week. They showed me pictures of a box with my return address on the Fed Ex label and the FBA label was definitely missing. Then I started to look closer and noticed a few problems. First, the Fed Ex label was on top of the box and if there is room I always put both labels on the side. Always. The Fed Ex label was torn and missing most of the bottom of it. It looked like someone had re-taped it there after it was torn off. The box was completely destroyed too. If my label ended up on some random box, my shipment must have went on a wild ride on the way to the warehouse. I then saw the box had a 16x16x16 size stamp on the bottom and none of the 3 boxes in this shipment were anywhere near this size. Also all 3 boxes in this shipment had manufacturer branding on all 4 sides and this was just some generic plain box. I pointed all this out when I submitted the “investigation”. Form response came back 2 days later saying the FBA label was missing and needs to be on every FBA box. There was no response or anything acknowledging the issues I had pointed out. Very frustrating.


I’ve seen three unexpected ways to ruin a bar code on a thermal label:

  1. Place clear tape over it: The reflection from the tape may prevent some readers from reading the bar code, particularly USPS equipment. Also, this may fade the printing on a cheap thermal label after about a day. Thermal labels from UPS don’t have the fading problem.

  2. Use a cheap thermal label during hot weather: Cheap thermal labels from eBay and Amazon will sometimes become unreadable when exposed to high temperature. Thermal labels from UPS don’t usually have this problem, but I’ve seen them darken when left in the Texas sun.

  3. As already stated, sometimes a UPS Store employee will cover non-UPS bar codes. There is no need to do that to an Amazon bar code. An Amazon bar code on a parcel will be ignored by UPS processing equipment. Otherwise, the current system of shipping to Amazon warehouses via UPS wouldn’t work.


I had this exact same issue on around my 80th box shipped via UPS to FBA warehouse. Received the same warning requiring a click through acceptance of their shipping terms to re-enable my FBA shipping. The attached images of my box showed another label (likely UPS) had covered up part of the FBA shipping label. I’ve never had this issue before.

Good advice to put a second set of labels on the side. Yet another thing we can get dinged for at Amazon that is beyond our control or not our fault… Good to hear I’m not the only one this happened to.


They need to reimburse fees for doing this sellers. Shipping charges are costly.


Investigation completed and they cleared me. Won’t be held against me. Wooo. Hooray for small victories!


If UPS is putting stickers over the barcode, try using FedEx. You can drop off at most Walgreen’s (which is what I do), for me at least it’s cheaper than UPS, and (knock on wood) I’ve never had an issue.
Then again, I never had an issue with UPS, but haven’t used them for over a year since Walgreen’s started being a drop-off point.


How long do you think it would take them to remove your label?

After over 2,000 perfect shipments, I get two inbound alerts out of 3 shipments. I have the documentation to prove they are “bogus,” but it just takes so much darn time to fight them !



I got the same message and I am so glad I have read all the comments, as I didn’t understand since I even add a clear tape to all my labels, I started taking pictures of my labels after that, cause it wasn’t making sense to me. I will definitely contact UPS and mention we are getting flagged for this, My Investigations were denied. Thank you for the great information!


I read something about never putting clear tape ON the label. Could mess up the scanning devices.


Mic team denied and not trying go over facts. UPS sends items in, When things got into warehouse, I got a messages of unscannable shipment ID. If it was unscannable, then how come things got deliver by UPS. Nobody ships without labels. Shipment ID could be lost in shuffle of warehouses. Most warehouses are putting their faults on others. FBA expenses take a huge cut off earnings.


I think the issue is that the FBA barcode is unscannable; not the UPS label.

I once had to stop a UPS store employee from covering the FBA label; apparently, it is routine for them to cover non-UPS barcodes.


Use an old-school, clear label pouch to attach your shipment ID. If the carrier covers it, it is a simple matter for the receiver to gain access to the Barcode.

The pouches are offered free from each carrier and are peel’n stick for easy use.



We had shipped FBA for over a year without issue, but within the last two months four of our shipments have gotten inbound alerts. And in three of the four cases, after we requested investigations they came back with “there was no problem after all, our bad.”

If it continues to be a problem we will look at applying multiple labels per box. :roll_eyes:


When you went to resolve them, did they post pictures?

I wouldn’t apply multiple labels, that would be violation of the guidelines to cover all other bar codes. I might, though, tape over them, and take snapshots before sending them.



We received the same email overnight. Shipment ID label was either missing or unscannable. We ship Fedex ground.

The picture they included was not our box. Our box has the manufacturer logo on the sides and we seal using kraft paper water activated tape that has a “Made in America” logo all over it with a picture of an eagle. The picture they provided was a generic oddly shaped plain brown box sealed with clear packing tape. Of course they did not send a close up of the actual fedex label so we can not see the return address. But we can see that is not our fedex label that we printed from our thermal printer.

Either Fedex trashed our box and repackaged with a new label they printed or Amazon warehouse is wrong and sent a bogus picture. We asked to investigate and we hope they read our comments and do not blow us off like they have done in the past about incorrect shipment quantity where they are wrong but make us accept the blame.


I got to see pictures of the boxes today, I see it is the small label UPS always puts on the boxes for some reason they are putting it on the corner of the label, which easily comes off. Amazon should realize none of us can control this, I am definitely calling the main number for UPS and going to mention we are getting flagged for this, not sure they will change how they do things. But I have had each one investigated and the team is denying all of them.