Getting Data?: Number of Messages needing a reply, Number of A-Z cases, etc


I have finally found every bit of data I need except one thing. I want to be able to emulate the old Seller Central page and can’t find where to get:

Number of Messages Under 24 Hours Requiring Reply
Number of Messages Over 24 Hours Requiring Reply
Number of A-Z Claims that Need a Response
Number of Chargeback Claims that Need a Response

Where in the world are they hiding these things in the API’s? I don’t intend to reply to anything from my custom dashboard and don’t need message content, but just need to be able to see on the screen I have created that there are messages that require a reply so I know to do them.


Except one thing? That looks like four things!

I’m afraid none of the four are available directly from the API.
There are various unpleasant workarounds, like scraping seller central or setting up a monitored local mailbox and having notifications sent there.