Getting Business Report data via MWS API


Does anyone know if Amazon is providing Sessions, Page Views, Buy Box Percentage, etc. per ASIN or SKU via the MWS API?
If it cannot be accessed via their API, any suggestions on getting that data prgramatically, other than screen-scraping? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!


No data point from your list is available through MWS (or any other official) API.

Scraping is against TOS. It might work until someone tells on you and your dev credentials get revoked.


No business reports or anything else from the sales dashboard is available through the MWS API. Never fails to amaze how Amazon strongly discourages scraping yet refuses to provide any alternative solutions that a company with as many resources as them should be able to come up with in a week or less…


What is Amazon MWS?

What you should know abou the Amazon MWS Reports API Section

Report Type enumeration

This is where the docs lead and at the end of it there are two Business Reports available to call over API:

Manage Quotes Report
Referral Fee Discounts Report

The real question is how do companies like Sellerly, Splitly, or Listing Dojo find this information (Sessions, Page Views, Buy Box Percentage, etc. per ASIN or SKU) if it is not directly available? Maybe they are not using these metrics, and instead rely solely on conversions/sales only?

Currently I am manually downloading the daily reports, appending product information, and then loading that into a database for in-house a/b testing


There is a difference between “scraping” and “automation”.


@ NDZ_Performance

Do you succeed to download the Business Reports via the API?

tried save to file and open with Excel - didn’t work…