Getting Approved to sell Spices from outside the US - Private label


What are the first steps for getting approved to sell spices on Amazon as a Private label ??
How I start the process ? What kind of documents should I provide if I have a local supplier ( outside the US )?

Many Thanks.


You need to meet all USA laws/rules about selling food.


Since you are starting a private label line of products, you will have to meet all FDA requirements, the same as any food product on a retail store shelf. Since the products are sourced from outside the USA, I would suggest visiting the Pa. Dept. of Agriculture. They are the only agency that specialized in certifying food products made outside the USA, and have offices around the world. It will be expensive just to try and sell on the Amazon site, but if your goals are to have your branded products sold in grocery stores around the USA, the cost minimal. :train2: