GetReport failed with 400 InputDataError for Amazon-Fulfilled Shipments - Tax Remittance



i am trying to request and get the new report GET_AMAZON_FULFILLED_SHIPMENTS_DATA_INVOICING (Amazon-Fulfilled Shipments – Tax Remittance).
RequestReport works fine. Also i can see the requested report with GetReportRequestList and GetReportList.
But calling GetReport with reportId always failed with Error 400 InputDataError.
I am using the same workflow as for all other reportTypes. So this is an issue that is caused by this special reportType because only reportId in parameters is different from calling endpoint for other reportTypes.

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Are you sure you are using the correct ID? Make sure you are using the ReportId from the call and not the ReportRequestId.



yes. I use the ReportId i get from GetReportList method and not the ReportRequestId.


I would try retrieving the report using and see if you are able to.


Same issue.
So with scratchpad it also does not work.
For testing i also requested Report in scratchpad and then try to get this in scratchpad. Also getting 400 InputDataError from GetReport.


Possibly this is only available in the new SP-API’s, and not through MWS.

I know it is not a listed ENUM for MWS, but is for SP.