Get list of categories via API or file to download


Hey all, How can i get the list of all the product categories and subcategories. Is there any API that will be used to get that or any csv/excel file to download ??


You can use the browse tree report from the reports API.


Any idea on how to get the list of variation themes for category via API ? I am able to download the categories in JSON by “Browse Tree Report (GET_XML_BROWSE_TREE_DATA)”


Nope. If I did I would have you other thread.


You can try writing a parser using the xsd’s. I started one but it got too complicated and I just resorted to doing it manually. I did manage to pull in all of the categories using the online xsd’s.


would you be able to share the mapping?


I don’t own the copyright for the code, so I don’t see how. I don’t think it is what you are really looking for anyway. We cherrypicked items to implement.

I would be interested in developing an open source parser for the amazon schemas if others would like to take on that project. I started work on this but got bogged down by the complexities of the schemas. I did successfully pull the schemas and generate a high level json object for each product type. This is written in TS and run in node.

To me the ideal library would allow pulling in the schemas in a usable format at will.