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If you read carefully, the above paragraph implies that returning the item is OPTIONAL for the customer ( = “if possible”) and “we will evaluate it” implies that Amazon can OPTIONALLY reimburse sellers.

A refund should be initiated upon receipt of a return item. Not before.

… and where does Amazon get inventory for Warehouse Deals if not from the above ?


Please please Amazon. Charge us standard fulfillment fees for the removal orders if it’s a cost thing. Let use decide what returns are sellable as new!!!


Does this greater visibility mean that you will show FULL tractability of reimbursements and reversed reimbursements?

I’m sick to death of Amazon stealing money by claiming a reversed reimbursement against a ‘return’ and when I check the links provided by SS I find the order in question was never actually returned.

When I question this I’m told that although the unit came didn’t come back, Amazon ‘found’ another one and refunded me in inventory with that unit.

So if they ‘found’ a unit and are claiming a REVERSED reimbursement, that means at some point I lost a unit and there should be a corresponding reimbursement for them REVERSE.

However, in many cases Amazon can show NO tractability for this. So instead, Amazon claim the reversed reimbursement from an order that was correctly reimbursed and has NOTHING to do with the issue. This is done deliberately to muddy the waters and make it almost impossible for sellers to see the fraud that Amazon is committing against them.

I’ve caught Amazon out many times with this. The last time (on another account) they even claimed to have lost the same unit once and found it twice. As a consequence they issued one reimbursement and then claimed it back twice for the same unit via two reversed reimbursements.

Please stop this nonsense and for the benefit of us and your own ‘support’ staff, make these reimbursements and reversed reimbursements FULLY traceable.

Thank you


It may suck, we all agreed to fba. Think of it as we all send in our goods to the local grocery store, people return people use, be thankful your goods are even on the shelf


I think you’ve completely missed the point.

I don’t have an issue with people returning goods, what I do have a problem with is when Amazon use those ‘returns’ as an excuse to hide fraudulent activity by themselves.

ALL transactions in our accounts should be FULLY traceable and transparent, so that both we and Amazon can CLEARLY see what is going on.

Would you be happy if your bank statement contained random charges that they just ascribed to whatever transaction they liked? Would you be happy if became impossible to get to the root of where the charge was supposed to have originated and thus allowed your bank to make the same charge twice or even more?


That is precisely the reason on why they should not use their clueless disposition as basis to reimburse or to not reimburse. And even more so shouldn’t use it to decide on whether to put the item back into sellable inventory.


Totally second this.

It is tricky sometimes.
I once had a reversed reimbursement which they attached to a different order than the actual order the returned item originated from… (coincidentally) that other order item they attached it to had a higher price so the reversal gave them more money than the original order would have.
Not sure if oversight or purpose but after a tiring fight with seller support bots I finally got someone who reimbursed me the difference.

I checked what order the item was that they attached to a different


I have emailed several customers that have marked the reason as “Unwanted item” I politely ask them to help us to improve our listings wording or photos to better explain my product to prevent returns. I have never received a reply email :anguished: I wish that Amazon required the customer to fill in a minimum amount of words explaining the detailed reason for the return.


CAN WE OPT OUT OF THIS? This is a disaster waiting to happen. I already get so many fraudulent returns.


Of the 2 orders that I checked with the tool that were refunded for “Delivered Late By Carrier”, I get the following message:

|1|Not reimbursed|We don’t reimburse for refunds issued by non-Amazon entities.|

Are we to assume that Amazon is no longer reimbursing sellers for items refunded for Delivered Late By Carrier, even though Amazon is the shipper?
Neither item shows up in the Inventory Dashboard // Manage FBA Returns either.

"We don’t reimburse for refunds issued by non-Amazon entities" - But it WAS Amazon!

I agree with you, unfortunately business works in ways that are never in your favor


And this is exactly why I don’t use FBA any longer. Too many smoke and mirrors when it comes to MY inventory. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught customers attempting to scam me on a return. Just don’t like the aggravation of dealing with Amazon on reimbursements. Thanks but no thanks!!!


so if FBA delivers late and issues a refund by debiting our seller account, they will not reimburse but supposedly they return the item to our fba inventory when the items come back
So if the item comes back into inventory it should be a wash except for FBA fees and the time the item was unavailable for other buyers to purchase during the return process to inventory

I hope FBA would waive any FBA fees in these instances and ensure that the item was returned to inventory or reimburse if it was not.