Get greater visibility on customer returns and learn about free replacements


Ones that people want to buy the most.
If you have sold it well in the past,try,to restock the item again.
However don’t sell something that you are not authorized to sell of cannot or will not honor the items manufacture warranty.


I would rather give a customer 2 items for the same money than amazon giving an item and not getting it back and giving a refund, lesser of 2 evils i guess?


Amazon does not accept responsibility nor reimburse for returned items that are damaged by a customer, subject to recall, are defective or in violation of Amazon policies, or other similar reasons. We add these items to your unfulfillable inventory when they are returned.

Important: Amazon does not reimburse for refunded items that cannot be returned by customers per our returns policy unless it is for a reason for which we take responsibility.



Great! Another way for us seller to eat more costs!!! I love it!! (sarcasm)


Can someone help me…

I noticed someone above mentioned being able to easily tell what order a return item is associated with by having the LPN #. Is this correct? If so could someone explain how do we cross reference a LPN number to a specific order ID? This information would be super helpful!



it doesnt sound like a future to me , more like a torture …


to be honest , we already reduced our listings and inventory o Amazon , we see what was coming and Amazon didn’t surprise us again …thank you Amazon


The LPN number traces back to a specific order.

We know what item goes to what order.

Especially helpful when we have these used as new complaints.

The last one I received was completely bogus. The customer was completely incorrect in what they claimed


This is the way I do it. When you finally get your returned FBA items back, each product will have a label with an LPN number on it.

Go into your inventory dashboard, click on FBA returns and enter the LPN number EXACTLY, including capitalization. It will then bring up the order that the return is associated with.

The default period is set to 7 days if I remember correctly. So be sure to extend that out. I usually go out to 90 days since it takes so long to get the returns sent back to me.


Let Bezos pay for replacement. Why should I?


Thanks for the info… Can I ask for a typed example of how to enter the LPN #? I just tried several different ways and none of them pulled up an associated order. Do we need to include the LPN & RR.
Exmple- LPN RR 89681 5563. The last 4 digits are always larger and bold is there space between both sets of numbers or should it be one long number together?

Thanks again for your help!


Thats true, but you can use it for any purpose, only after the item is returned back to you…before that it’s useless…when you get the item back, the LPN is on it…
For how many returns you take any action ? if needed, the LPN was always available.


Two easy ways:

  1. If you have a scanner, scan the barcode and populate it…no typing errors.
  2. Download the report for a long time…open in a spreadsheet…find just by the last 4 digits…most likely you will not have same digits for few returns.


No spaces and yes, include the LPN and RR. So type it in as: LPNRR896815563


I hope this doesn’t increase the number of free replacements offered to buyers. We have seen too many times where buyers claim they didn’t receive an item, Amazon sends them a free replacement from our inventory, and then the buyer returns the free replacement for a refund. We are effectively paying Amazon to give away our products and Amazon won’t reimburse anything in these scenarios.


The “View Reimbursement Details” link does not work for me.Screenshot(1)


very well said - Amazon is just inviting fraud and abuse with this… I sell collectables and ppl are always trying to get 2 for one or their money back on an item THEY broke. If my item leaves Amazon’s warehouse -then it is Amazons responsibilty and amazons policy so AMAZON should cover he costs or reimbursement… this is ridiculous and is stealing money from sellers!!


Thank You!! I will try this…

I appreciate the help :grinning:


I wish Amazon would put their efforts towards something that would REALLY improve both the buyer and seller experience:

Give us the option to have all of our returns marked unsellable.


Refunds and replacements of products that are damaged during shipping should be funded by Amazon - not sellers.

Amazon has the resources to charge-back shipping carriers for shipment-damages.