Get Boxes


Seems like 400 grocery sacks cost around $40. You can ship one or two books per sack depending on the size of the books. Nothing is cheaper than that!


Make that “wrap” one or two books per sack…


eBay is much, much cheaper for the same things.


I get some of my shipping supplies from Dollar Tree. They have two sizes of bubble poly envelopes, and some small boxes which are good for books. Also, Kraft bubble envelopes. I sometimes put a smaller book in one of those, with a cardboard stiffener, if it’s a paperback, then put that in a plain poly envelope. If Dollar Tree is selling helium filled balloons the party favors boxes are wonderful for books, and they’re free. At holiday time Hickory Farms has lots of different size boxes. I get lots for free and use them all year.


Yes to much of what others say: Amazon, Priority mail padded envelopes, but I also get padded envelopes from Sam’s Club for about $.40 apiece.


ULINE is offering free shipping right now on orders of $500 or more. Offer good 9/14/20 through 9/27/20. Use code SP576


I am in the north east. Uline, retail, amazon and even ebay are all much more expensive then a regional box manufacturer such as B and C. You also need to order enough for freight allowed if you want to do this in the least expensive way possible.


I agree-- We use Uline and then bubble wrap from Sam’s plus. We also cut up cardboard boxes for the books. It gives them more stability in the envelopes.


The vast majority of my books go out this way – but I do not believe one wrap is sufficient. I use two. Then it gets a label, slips into a clear bag and is sealed.


We refuse to use Uline. Their shipping is outrageous as they only use specific carriers with a high markup. On a side note Uline also sends political messages in their quarterly 80lb catalog. We refuse to purchase from companies that promote any ideology, even if we agree or disagree with it. Political agendas in business ALWAYS come back to bite someone in the …

We have found local packaging companies to have regular free delivery in the major metropolitan areas. One of our warehouses is in the SF Bay Area and have found Cogent Solutions to be a honorable packaging company with free delivery when over ~$200.


If you use usps for shipping they have a lot of priority mail supplies for free on. Their website.


go to aldies their box bottoms from vegetable’s fit together nicely for a free box


packagingsupplies - the cheapest boxes for me today


Depends on how much you are willing to spend and how many you need. Uline has good quality products for good prices, but their shipping is jacked up. I would recommend buying boxes from Amazon as most of them are good deals and have free shipping, most Prime-eligible as well if you have Prime.


We agree with that about Uline. We only use them if we the boxes/supplies we need are out of stock everywhere else.


The best prices are on ebay and use kraft bubble mailers.

The average book size costs just $.23-28 per

Here is just one link.

You will also find shipping labels for lazers and also packing tape extremely cheap on ebay. Almost everything on Amazon is priced 20% or more higher.


I use Michigan Box Co…Prices are the Same at Most Places…If you only Need a few try HomeDepot or Office Max


uline …


just look on ebay and buy a small pack of boxes…don’t go hog wild buying boxes if you don’t know how well you will sell your items. make sure your items will fit in with a bit of space to put filler in to cushion your items and pack tight so they do not move inside the box.


Easy! I just got slammed with high storage overage fees and tons of new returns from Amazon.
I got plenty of boxes!! You pay the shipping and I’ll send to you, instead of sending to recycle.