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I just stared selling on amazon (Mostly Electronics & Books), Wanted to know where I can get shipping boxes for books for cheap & what size I should get?



Start by looking local and semi-local for companies that sell – ask around, not everyone is on the internet. You don’t want retail stores for that.

You can buy small quantities on Amazon and eBay.

Uline is a major seller of this sort of thing, but shipping can be very high.


We can’t help on size, that is dependent on your products. But there is ULine, as well as local Box companies, do an internet search on bing.

Cheap is realtive and will be dependent on how many you are willing to buy at one time.


If you are looking specifically for boxes for books, consider other packaging.

There are folding mailers that provide excellent protection (heavy cardboard).

You can create a sandwich using heavy cardboard and what I call stretch-wrap-on-a-stick. A quick wrap of bubble around the sandwich, and a sturdy envelope will do – you don’t need a padded envelope.

Large heavy books, or especially “delicate” books should still get a box though.


Ok Thank you.


It doesn’t get any cheaper for boxes than the free Priority Mail boxes that USPS provides (the caveat is that you must ship these boxes USPS Priority or USPS Priority Express).


Yes, the OP should also lay in a supply of USPS free boxes and envelopes to use for Expedited book orders and for book orders where experience with the new world of shipping (post March) tells you to upgrade.

However, for most orders Media Mail is so much more affordable that paying for all packaging materials is the better choice.


The very best place I have found to get boxes is right here on amazon. Good prices (there are often sales) and free shipping. When you buy boxes out in the real world, shipping is a killer.

Only large, expensive, or fragile books actually need boxes/protection in my experience. I sold books FBA and I boxed less than 1% of them.


For many books, I cut down boxes from Home Depot into a long strip, then fold it around the book (use a piece of wood to make the crease; NOT the book). Probably not the best system for higher volume, but works great for the few books I ship out.
High end books go into boxes, with extra padding.

One last comment; before you put the book in any box, it should be put in a poly bag or otherwise protected in case the box gets wet.

For general boxes, you want local; shipping will cost you more than the boxes if you have to ship them far. If you’re near NYC, the Boxery is good, and cheaper than Uline. Only downside is that they observe all the Jewish holidays, so they are shut down a fair amount this time of year.


Wanted to know where I can get shipping boxes for books for cheap & what size I should get?

The size to buy depends on what you plan to ship. You should buy boxes that your stuff fits into. Keep in mind that boxes add extra weight to your shipment, and the more weight you’re shipping, the more it costs to ship. So buy boxes that are big enough, but not oversized for what you’re shipping, or you’ll just be throwing money away.

The place to buy depends a lot on how many you need. Are you looking for 10 boxes, 100, or 1000? Different suppliers are best for different needs.

Places like ULine (who I highly recommend) are best if you need to buy in bulk, hundreds or thousands of boxes at a time. They sell their boxes in packs of 25, but if you buy just one or two packs, your shipping will cost as much as the boxes themselves.

If you need just a few boxes to start with, check Staples. They’ve been offering free shipping with no minimum for the last couple months, and you get the items in 1-2 days which is usually faster than Amazon, and more reliable too, IMO.

They are targeted more toward smaller sellers, as their supplies would be expensive if you needed to buy in large quantities, but they’re pretty reasonable for someone who just needs a few pieces at a time.


I used to buy them in smaller quantities on Amazon it’s self but when sales got to the point where this became a mini logistical nightmare I ultimately partnered up with another local business that also was in the same boat. We pool our funds and buy direct from uline. This freed my mind and soul on a profound level!


My standbys are and and

Also, get some regional rate boxes, and some padded priority envelopes from USPS. ( B00BT5E2JA fits in a padded envelope )


Packagingprice is who we use


Thank you for your replies. I Was able to find some good boxes :slight_smile:


We multisource shipping supplies - for USPS we get free boxes and you should create an online account. We used to buy from Uline but found it less expensive to buy from eBay sellers when you buy in quantity. If you are in NJ we often go to Affordable Box for sizes where we don’t need large quantities of 25 or more (they deliver large orders to our warehouse). Check local listings of box warehouses in your area.

Shipping is a science too…if you go over certain weight or dimensions, you pay more for shipping…you’ll figure that out.


Buy bales (400) of grocery sacks (from your grocery store) for little investment. Tough paper, especially when wrapped around a book several times and ends folded over (really protects the corners.) Cut out the bottom and down the side(s), depending if it’s for shipping small or large books. It took me 10 years buying costly fold-over boxes to figure this out. Duh…


You can buy small quantities on Amazon and eBay.


Buy a roll of this, wrap once around your book, tape or staple the ends and you’re done.


Using bubble wrap to cover the book and slide it in the gray poly bag is your cheapest alternative.


The single flute cardboard is very economical – at $0.16/ft it will cost about $0.24/book. And it is very fast and easy to do.