Get box contents information


How I can obtain the box contents information for an existing shipment. (The shipment was created through through seller central, in case that is relevant).

I can get the PDF labels, see the skus and their total quantities but I can’t see how the skus are expected to be split up among the boxes.

If I understand correctly, FBA Inbound Shipment Carton Information Feed is used for uploading the box contents information on newly created shipments via MWS. In which case, I am asking about the “getting” this information rather than “putting” this information.

Thanks in advance!


What is your use case? I think in general Amazon expects you the seller or 3rd party provider to have this information since you know which items went into which cartons. Neither the inbound shipment API or Feed API let you retrieve the submitted information - only the status.



I am trying to create an in-house report for shipment preparation. I would like to be able to summarize multiple shipments and provide all relevant information in a particular format.