Get AmazonOrderID from SellerFulfillmentOrderId


Hi there,

We’ve recently started using Amazon MCF. We’d like to track Amazon’s shipping fees for each order.

From what I’ve found, the best way to do this seems to be with the MWS API section Finances > ListFinancialEvents. If I have an order’s AmazonOrderID, this endpoint gives me exactly what I need.

However, I’m having a hard time finding an easy way to take our Seller Order IDs and translate them to AmazonOrderIDs.

Here are the API sections that get me close:
Orders > ListOrders (looks like this doesn’t include MCF orders)
Orders > GetOrder (Need AmazonOrderID)
Fulfillment > GetFulfillmentOrder (doesn’t include Amazon’s fees or the AmazonOrderID)

I’m considering scrapping the HTML of our order management page to get the Amazon Order IDs, since they are currently in the URLs of each order; but this feels like it shouldn’t be necessary.

I could also use Fulfillment > GetFulfillmentPreview to get an estimate of what Amazon would charge for the order and assume it’s what we were actually charged for the order, but this also doesn’t feel right.

Any ideas on how to use the API to retrieve Amazon’s shipping charges for MCF orders?

Thank you.

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