Gel Antibacterial


Moderator Translation (James_Amazon): Good afternoon, I am trying to upload a product (antibacterial gel) however it does not leave me the platform, they know where I can ask for assistance by phone since I have been requesting assistance for 3 days and they have not provided it.

Buenas Tardes, Estoy tratando de subir un producto (Gel antibacterial) sin embargo no me deja la plataforma, saben donde puedo pedir asistencia por teléfono ya que llevo desde hace 3 días solicitando asistencia y no me la han brindado.


No telephone. Must email.
No telefono. Debe enviar un correo electrónico.

Help here:
Ayuda aqui:


English please


Amazon will not let you create new listings for such products right now. You will have to sell elsewhere.