Gated out of Nintendo with FBA Shipment Inbound?


I just got an email from Amazon saying that my listings for Nintendo products will be removed after 10/31 (today) because they’ve implemented additional approval requirements. Super cool, considering I made a bunch of listings YESTERDAY and shipped out a massive box YESTERDAY. Would have been nice to have a little notice!

Apparently I need to file a removal order TODAY in order to not have to pay a removal fee, but 1) it looks like the gating is scattershot among Nintendo games (seems to be affecting only first party titles), which means I guess I have to go through literally every product I have on the site?? and 2) I’ve got a ton of inbound games that aren’t even at the warehouse yet.

Honestly I have no idea what to do about this??


Duplicate thread.


Sell them on ebay, AZ has med there choice, to be the bully enforcement!!!