Future Supplier


amazon requests us to submit invoice for a future supplier. one of the requirements is "These documents should reflect at least 10 units of inventory.”

i assume it’s 10 pieces of the same product, not 10 different kind of products, am i right?

Thank you


It depends on category, Seller history, brand, supplier, and potentially-affected ASINs, among other things.

Consider this an opportunity to show Amazon something(s) you actually intend to sell and how you intend to source it, rather than just jumping through a hoop to get category approval.


i.want to make sure at least we meet their mimum requirement. 10 unit means?


It seems it means this. But if you could post their entire email for us, we could give a better answer.


please send the following information:

–Copies of final invoices or receipts from a new supplier after 10/20/2019

–These documents should reflect at least 10 units of inventory.

–Please include contact information for your new supplier, including name, phone number, address, and website. We will maintain the confidentiality of your supplier contact information.

–You may remove pricing information, but the rest of the document must be visible.


You should not sell anything, anywhere. Sorry, but if someone asks for an invoice showing 10 units and you do not understand that…crawl back into your bed until someone asks you to get out so they can feed you.


I’m sure that whatever inventory plans you have for Amazon as a sales channel will involve more than the minimum requested by Amazon, even for just one category.

Provide what you have based on your business, assuming you have more than 10 individual items in your on-hand inventory.


Not following you on this, walmart and costco have no minimum order size?


@Skeeter why do you think they are sourcing from retailers?


@Skeeter, I’m sure that Amazon would be satisfied by what the OP has already on hand or has ordered in preparation for expansion into this category after careful research, which is likely to be more than any minimum requirements, surely, for a serious business.


That is the only way to get product when sellers don’t have a business. So many on this forum have openly admitted they source (Retail Arbitrage) from walmart and costco. So with that in mind, it seems very likely the source is a retail store.


Like futr, the rapper? Call his agent, maybe he’ll provide an invoice.


@Skeeter I gave them grief for not understanding 10 units.


10 units of inventory from this supplier. ANY products.