Funny we can't do this Amazon, partners?



Amazon Granted A to Z - I appealed - They ruled in my favor - said they would fund it - but kept my money anyways
Has anyone found justification for this whole thing where buyers get to keep the money and the product?
Weird Amazon Response

Can you claim INR?


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So this was a personal order that was to arrive in November. It didn’t so they refunded me. It did finally arrive a month later so Amazon sent me the above email.

I will keep it and take the re-charge, no problem. My issue is as sellers who receive refunded A-Z claims and dings to our account for packages delivered late but do arrive, we are not permitted to recharge or have the item sent back.


It is actually very beautiful.


I understand your point. I was just wondering if Amazon was taking it a step further and not even letting you claim INR. (Sometimes INRs are true)


Nope. Also denying appeals as “Our guarantee covers both the timely delivery and the condition of items”


What’s good for your “Selling Partner” is not good for you.


I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Would they let you claim INR, or no? What do you mean by an appeal? What are you appealing?


As a buyer I claimed INR and was refunded. Item finally showed up and Amazon sent me that email saying to return item or they will re-charge me for it. I’m fine with that.

As a seller - buyers are being refunded by filing INR for items shipped but delayed in transit due to COVID and record Holiday shipping by all delivery services. Amazon is refunding them from our account (regardless if we use Amazon shipping) and dinging our metrics.

When item does finally arrive, we are not permitted to make the buyer return item or we will re-charge as Amazon is doing, and if we appeal the A-Z receive a denial stating A-Z also covers timely deliveries.


I would love if Amazon did this for 3P sellers. If they were ethical, they would. But of course I would never expect them to have our back or care about small business. Typical “do as I say not as I do.” I just refunded about $3000 worth of orders right now. 99% of them will get delivered. Think any of them will get returned?




I understand the issue as a seller. I am trying to find out if you can claim INR at this point, after Amazon has stated they are going to re-charge you if you do not return it.


No, tracking shows it was finally delivered.


Tracking showing delivered should not matter. What if it was mis-delivered or stolen? Amazon always allows buyers to file an INR even if tracking shows delivered. They really will not let you in this case? It seems weird that they would change the rules all of a sudden.


So basically, Amazon has the ability to do this function. It just chooses not to do so for 3rd Party Sellers. Sounds about right.


Agreed but there is now a button for buyers to click to be recharged for an order, or so I have heard.
The point being, Amazon sending an email saying return or be recharged.
If this is a business practice for Amazon then it should be across the platform.
Does seem kind of discriminatory toward 3P Sellers.


The difference is it was bought directly from Amazon LLC. They can do it and take tracking as proof of delivery, but won’t allow us the same.


Hello Sodorshopper, thanks for posting! Of course Amazon has the technology to re-charge the buyer or get the item back, it makes complete sense. What doesn’t make sense is that Amazon does not extend that service to 3rd party sellers. Amazon is going under the microscope right now with Congressional investigations and this kind of double standard does not bode well for Amazon. Honestly, what is the downside for Amazon to extend this service to 3rd party sellers and charge a few extra dollars and freight to get the item back, if the 3rd party seller wants the item back?

A real head scratcher! Stay safe, Happy New Year and may you have a prosperous 2021!


Just curious…

Does anyone know whether or not Amazon has plans to do this for all of the
late delivery / refunded items from 3rd party sellers during this shipping crisis?

Our point is, maybe they have plans to?

Maybe in 60 days or so refunded buyers will get the same email.