Funko Approval Time is Extremely Long Compared to Others


Why is it taking so long for Funko to get approved. I have submitted approval for many other brands and they came back in a day or two. It has been months.



Amazon might not want another Funko seller, it may be at the bottom of the pile or rejected without response.


We where told we would receive a response within 3 days after submitting requested invoices, Been 10 days but seeing that you’ve been waiting months is not encouraging. Where you able to get any response to follow up that you submitted on delay?


I am on my second request (closed first one after waiting 30+ days) for funko brand. We are now past 60+ days waiting with no response.

I also have two other brand approvals that are over 30+ days old as well…puzzling but browsing the forums here reflects this is not uncommon nowadays.


I have been waiting 90 days for Funko approval. I really don’t like having money tied up in Funko Pops that i can’t sell but thats not Amazons problem. It’s mine… If and when I get approval, I will update his post.


Finally approved for Funko last Thursday. All is not lost. Hope you all see a response from SC soon!


I thought this was only me. I am on my third request for Funko approval. Submitted first one and closed it after 21 days, submitted second one and closed it after 14 days. On my third request. Got approval for Barbie in 4 hours, approval for Star Wars in one day. Not sure what’s up with Funko request, hopefully it gets answered soon one way or the other if I want to send then in for the Christmas season FBA…