Funds transfer delayed


I get this message several times per week. I check and my credit card is valid. Why does this keep happening?


Your disbursement has been delayed because a valid credit card isn’t registered in your account. We ask you to provide a credit card that Amazon Pay can charge if your account ever falls into a negative balance.

To update your credit card

  1. Sign in to [Seller Central]( click Settings, click Account Info, and then click Charge Methods.

  2. Click Replace Charge Method, update your credit card information with a valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or Diner’s Club, and then click Set charge method.

After you register a valid credit card, the funds will be transferred to your bank account according to your settlement schedule.


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Are you sure this message is from Amazon and not a phishing attempt?
If you do know that this is from amazon then the next question is are you using a real credit card or is it a debit card.
If a debit card then it will not work on Amazon.


Thanks replying. It appears to be a real Amazon message and I am using a real credit card.


The next thing to check is does everything on the credit card match with what you gave to Amazon.
(Name, address, etc…)


Same thing happens to me! I don´t get it.
Did you get any answer from Amazon?