Fulfillment centers taking longer to check in inventory because of pandemic?


we have 48 units received at ONT8 on June 15. They haven’t even checked-in yet!


Hear! Hear! They just reply with several rebotic emails, and tell you to be patience and WAIT.


Has anybody had anything checked into AVP1 recently? My shipments have been sitting over two weeks.


After 2 weeks of rescheduled deliveries product finally started to receive, but now issue comes up that all my units are going to Stranded inventory due to listing error, which after their Seller support investigation nothing wrong on my side. They tried to refresh listing on their side but its been almost a week now they cant figure out. Now they contacting warehouse which i asked them to do in the first place. Just a heads up guys that it might cause you another week of delay.

Also, not sure why AMZ would not just update their sellers that specific warehouses are having backlog issues on whatever reasons. Its like we get it with all issues we have, just a little heads up and everyone will know and will figure out a way to deal with it to adjust to longer receiving time and their pricing strategies. I wish it was little bit more proactive on AMZ corporate side vs us calling Seller support who really dont know what is happening in Ops of AMZ world and miles away.


I’ve had a shipment sitting in AVP1 since Jun 18 and am now going out-of-stock on several SKUs. Kicking myself for not holding back some of the inventory and switching to FBM in the interim.


Just talked to a human on seller support and they said checkin can take a month now after delivery.


We have 16 shipments that have been sitting at AVP1 and FTW1 warehouses for 2 weeks, delivered but yet to check in. We also have a few shipments that UPS has had for a couple weeks delayed in their Horsham, PA and Tamaqua, PA locations. AVP1 is only a couple hours drive from us and used to take 1-2 days to get there and then checked in that day or the next. Add to that how long it takes for our inventory to become available once checked in and we are looking at 1-2 months from the time we send it in that it’s truly available to customers. It’s getting crazy.




you are asking amz to allocate a $150 hourly rate instead of $3/hr human resource to deal with an issue that doesn’t generate profit???


Literally said “wish” vs “actual”…but ok. In reality it does generate profit, because if our product doesnt generate sales, AMZ does not generate profit. So thinking like that is not right way to do any business. We all trying to reduce our labor cost and its up to our companies to think outside the box to do so. Like I said before…I wish there was better communication.


We sent 4 boxes to AVP1 about a week ago and only 2 were delivered to Amazon (still not checked in). Upon checking the tracking for other 2 boxes, they never moved ahead from Horsham, PA. From your statement, perhaps it seems our 2 boxes (which we think is lost) may just be sitting at UPS due to delay. I can deal with wait rather than going thru the process of reporting lost boxes and getting reimbursement.
Btw how did you come to conclusion that your few shipments got delayed at UPS and not lost ?


Any update, delivered on June 22, SMF3
Your shipment checked now?


Any update, shipment checked in now? 6/22 delivered, and no updates


for every FBA center?


I have several shipments to Charlotte, NC that have arrived over the past several weeks but not checked in. I just when to ship some of the same items to Amazon again and for the first time, it had me ship to Memphis and Chattanooga, Tenn. Maybe Tennessee is doing better than Charlotte, or at least we hope they are. Once stock is finally being accepted, the customers are still seeing two weeks or more for many items to reach them. These items use to be Prime. We had to create SKUs for the same ASIN for FBM in order to keep the sales moving. We just priced the FBM item $0.01 higher so it would loose the Buy Box when the FBA inventory was again available. Our Warehouse was designed to hold items for the Fulfilment Centers, and not for shipments of one item at a time, but we got to keep selling, so we are adapting.


10 shipment got stuck there. i will switch FBA to MBA for a while until everything back to normal. i am out of inventory for a while, and its every bad for my product’s rank…


We send thousands of shipments to Amazon every year, since 2014, all through UPS. They’ve never lost one. I know it will get there, its just a matter of time. We have noticed that many times a shipment will show some boxes as moving or delivered and some not, however I believe this is just a scanning issue most of the time because the packages all end up at Amazon at the same time usually.


Hey there. Well, the shipment is now closed, with 0 received. I guess I need to reconcile now that I have reached the date where I am able to.


Thank you for the info and replying. This is the first time it happened to us where boxes haven’t moved further with UPS. I just hope they all get delivered to Amazon at some point (hopefully soon).


Obviously folks are having issues with check-in times. Practical question though. When UPS drops off a trailer to an FBA FC, does anybody know if those SPD packages remain in the trailer until the FC can check them in or is the trailer unloaded with the packages remaining in an inside ‘holding pen’ until they’re checked-in? For those of us sending in consumables/beauty, having our products sitting in a trailer in the summer sun for many times more than the typical ‘four day’ check-in time can be problematic. Thanks.