FTW1 - current receiving status?


Anyone have a recent shipment to FTW1 and can share how long it took for it to be checked in after it was received?

Previously, we’ve always had our shipments be received and processed very quickly at FTW1, but the last one we sent in in June took 21 days from the delivery date which was extremely unusual. Would appreciate hearing other recent experiences from the FBA warehouse.



We had a small box there last month and it took about a week from carrier delivered to receiving


I just sent some boxes in, so will update once they have arrived and have been processed.


It looks like FTW1 is back to normal: boxes delivered yesterday, checked in and receiving today!


I sent in a box 2 weeks ago. Checked in but not available yet and all of my items are duplicated. I’ve had a lot of cancelled orders because the items are available for sale but aren’t available for picking so orders sit with Amazon without being fulfilled until the customer cancels them. Really frustrating. Last boxes I sent in (about 6-8 weeks ago) they lost and several items were reimbursed WAY under value. Never have issues with other fulfillment centers.


I sent 2 boxes with a 100 units in to FTW1about 2 weeks ago. It was delivered Sept. 25th and still hasn’t been received. It is kind of frustrating seeing others send packages to the same warehouse on a later date then me be checked in and recieved before mine. I hope this warehouse gets the help they need!


I just prepared another shipping plan and was assigned FTW1 as the destination, so will update this thread as the shipment moves through.


i have had boxes there that are now on week 5. some were received though within a few days. i believe amazon is cherry picking for some reason and checking in some while waiting for others. there is no pattern. most of my stuff sits for weeks without check in or receipt. I have had some also go beyond the reconcile date. its frustrating. be patient.

FTW1 still a mess in pink season after so many years Pls advise

FTW1 update: Finally, after 3 weeks and 1 reconciliation date push back, my ‘delivered’ boxes have been received.


I had a number of shipments showing as delivered on Oct 10th and 11th. Today (the 15th) one of the shipments is showing as Receiving and the products are available for sale but showing as “backordered” with an Oct 22 delivery date on Amazon.


FTW1 is always hot garbage, but sometimes you get lucky and something gets in and out in a day. Most of the time, they don’t even look at my boxes for 4-7 days.


Here’s the latest on what I’m seeing with my FTW1 shipments. A few arrived on Monday & Tuesday and are already being checked in today (Thursday), whereas a few that arrived a week ago Monday and Wednesday are still sitting.


I am experiencing delays of 2-4 weeks before my product is received. My last shipment was delivered on 10/24 and it is in DELIVERED status.


Fedex delivered on 10/28

Amazon still says “SHIPPED” =(