From the ground up listing


Hello, first time posting here, we have our own brand on Amazon. We manufacture plastic model kits. I made a video of our product and added many built photos of the model when complete. What else can we add to the listing your feedback appreciated. This has taken a good year to climb the rankings. We have done some advertising as well on the asin.


Your main picture is not very appetizing at all. It should be a shot of the ship (maybe with the box in the background) with an overall pure white background. Some of your other pics should have clearer/white backgrounds as well. The video is cool although you could have shown closeups of the ship


Pretty good, but like IndigoCharms said, the pictures could be better.

It would be better if you just cut out the ship so you had a solid white background. I would recommend downloading the free open source video editing tool Gimp and learning how to use the lasso tool.

I’m not a big fan of these photo staging boxes with the white or black backgrounds, they always show up and look bad.

Basic image editing skills and a smart phone can give you a really sharp looking picture with the technology available nowadays.

Overall, well done though.


I’m curious about the proof of this bullet: “Best selling ship model of all time!”

Also, in the bullets you should have an age-range so people will know if their 4-year old can make it or if their 16-year old will need to go to MIT first. Just joking but some parents are really fussy about things like that. I still remember going to a game-night party with adults and kids and a man’s kids were asking if they could play, I think it was Monopoly, he told them no as it wasn’t for their age group. Kind of puzzled me as I never look at those things and my boys had been playing Monopoly since they could count - but then I never had dumb games like Candy Land/Chutes and Ladders in the house. No insult intended to those who loved those games.


Thank you for the tips I will work on them.