From 0 to 135 total feedbacks JUST in TWO days ! All five stars. Fair competition?


1/1 180 days


Where do you see the 100 Sales at? Thanks


Maybe people that buy lumber on Amazon just like to give more feedback than other customers


When you open up the page for the feedback it tells you # of sales they’ve fulfilled. Less than 100. None by Amazon.


Look what I just found

Another one

Starting January 21 - over 70 feedbacks in 5 days by the same customer.

Guess what ? - no reaction…


Eh that’s too far out for a removal bet. You may be reporting the guy every damn day for 180 days.

2 to 1, 7 days.

As for the guy selling tubing with the 70 feedback in a very short period of time, I need to branch out even at a loss just to get feedback. Where is customer when I need him?


Lol. How are you able to find so many amazing sellers?


Private group on FB


To coin money overnight


They must have had 135 Sales…! :grin:


He must have bought the budget feedback manipulation package. It’s hard to imagine how he could be any dumber than to add 130 5-star feedbacks on the same day.. It’s like a self-awarding Darwin prize.


Obviously fraudulent. Same buyer “customer” and all feedback sort of the same.

But how do you submit so many feedbacks. Some hackers must have found a hole in the Amazon interface.

Report this guy please.


I think someone from seller support helps him.
If not HOW he hasn’t still get banned ?

Any mods here ? Please tell us


Well, dog page now…looks like he got Busted


Scroll up to post #5, he’s still alive and well! First link is broken.


Ah I see, though no feedback any time recently. I think he might be suspended, his products in a Google search are all dog pages and I can’t seem to find him on any listing, but currently being on my phone my be limiting be search ability


The Discourse Platform software suite hosting these fora can wreak havoc on URLs; one workaround for this is to add a space in front of it when posting (H/T to Oneida Books); if you know the Merchant Token of a seller, you can append it to one of the ‘raw’ URLs:

  1. Raw Merchant Storefront URL-

Which yields this when the Merchant Token is added (leading space is typically not required for posting it here in the fora):

  1. Raw Seller Profile URL-

Which yields this when the Merchant Token is appended (leading space typically is required, which is why the software doesn’t populate the same way as it does for the Storefront URL):

This 3P Seller’s Offers are still active, so I suspect your phone’s browser may be having difficulty displaying correct data (not a particularly unusual occurrence with mobile devices).


Sadly this kind of manipulation doesn’t seem to be punished. This thread is full of people doing this from a while ago and while they keep changing their store name, they are now “Tech-Data Liquidation” their friend “User Name Not Displayed” continues to leave them loads of positive feedback after every negative feedback they get.


It certainly does. Heck I only have buy box as an option if I go to make purchases on my phone, can’t view other sellers offers. Thanks for the information, amazing he hasn’t been caught considering some of the “violations” they do catch


Take it with some salt. This has long been a problem with the FB or Reviews and Amazon tears ago got rid of some paid review services and the fake FB services. They are back and have been around for awhile but as has been said, he bought the cheap package.