From 0 to 135 total feedbacks JUST in TWO days ! All five stars. Fair competition?


So here is the seller who has 135 ratings. ALL 5 stars.
10 5-star feedbacks on August 8 and 125 feedbacks on August 9.

Any thoughts ?


Live fast and die young, they’re gone…

On that note I do notice my competition in high end computers, whom have a cheap $10 item in their mix that doesn’t fit and a lot of feedback stemming from it.

I’ve been preaching to find ways to even the playing field is a gray area kinda way but people don’t want to hear it.


Wow that profile/seller got killed quick!


They are not gone but the link the OP provided is not working for some reason.


Still doesn’t work… manually paste the url but put a period at the end. I’ve got to see this.


The forum is changing the link. If you remove the amp; from my link it will work.


So did you report this seller? If you did I’m curious as to the outcome.


Oh now it comes up, removed the amp. Thanks

This seller, must be top notch! I’d give a couple thousand bucks for a 135 rating 100%. Wonder if the account is old enough to have SFP or it’s just kinda stagnant waiting for it, if it ever kicks in hmmm…


Yeah. But I bet nothing will happen.


Maybe the seller had a FIRE sale a couple of months back and sold over 10,000 wood products in 2 days. And the buyers of wood typically aren’t that creative so must of the feedback left is identical in many instances. All possible, right?


Well I can say it is the first time I have seen someone selling lumber on Amazon


Maybe someone from Amazon seller support can give us an answer ?


Less than 100 orders and has 135 feedbacks. LOL


Nah… they will just sweep it under a rug…


How do you see order count???



I didn’t dig back far enough. Normally these are churn and burn accounts with limited history.

Still a funny find…


100% positive feedback with only a 95% on time shipping rate.


My bet is no ban for him. $100


What kind of odds will you give me and how many days until this ban happens?


Exactly what I was seeing…how do you get 135 feedback when you have less than 100 sales?