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Hi all,
Does anyone know how to set up a link like this indicating, frequently bought together,
I have a blanket and dog bed, and they both have matching designs and colors, and I would like customers to know this,
How could I possibly be doing something like this.
Thanks all


They actually have to be bought together frequently for Amazon to post that way. There’s nothing you can do to encourage Amazon posting that except to hope people buy both often enough for it to be posted.

Good luck!


The only way for them to show as “frequently bought together” is if buyers frequently buy them together.


Alright, then I guess I’ll have to wait and see
Thanks a lot, everyone


On that subject - there’s a DVD player that I was looking at early this year and the ‘frequently bought together’ showed an HDMI cable, but the player did NOT have an HDMI out port. Only by reading the reviews did I find out what ports it did and did not have. There was another widget I looked at not too long ago and the accessory that was suggested was for a different model. So yeah, I hear ya. Sometimes it wants to combine wrong things.


If a professional seller, you could always make a new listing offering both.


I do not like this feature. Customers have bought items together but they were not compatible. Now others press that feature and we have to send email to them stating they will not work together.

Needless to say Amazon cant remove items since they are computer generated!..sad that we can control it.

Another feature I do not like is sell your stuff. Other sellers post against one of our products to sell and they are not the same item. Sell your stuff states they must be exactly the same…Amazon does have a few errors in my opinion




If I need to make a new listing and sell them together, how would I put for my UPC?
Since I listed both of them with its own UPC already.


How about just putting in your comments that you also have this other item, with the same design? Then the customers that are looking at your one item, might look at the other. Instead of having to make another listing, that is going to be very high in ranking.


Sorry but that is against policy. Product Listings can only have information about the listing itself and condition comments can only be about the condition.


If you have a Professional Seller account you can do promotions, which include “bundling” products together for a discount. They only show up if you have the Buy Box and most of the time on checkout only.


how to do this? where can we post comments?


Don’t do it. It’s a policy violation. Condition comments are only for product condition, nothing else.

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