Free Shipping Promotion Deprecation


Can you please provide a link to the specific feature (help page) you’re referring to.

I offered the free shipping promotion the past 3 months, am gonna be missing it terribly, I think,


True, I too was thinking that Amazon dislikes this, because it is incentivizing the non-prime customer/buyer.

Non-Prime buyers are considered to Amazon as non-loyal customers.

They want us to FBA, SFP, or just give it to the buyer.

Problem is, that this promotion type is WAY BETTER that SFP Small 'N Light,
especially nowaday that SFP Small 'N Light is no longer “Prime” badged.

@Amazon_News PLEASE Rethink & Reconsider This Decision.
Perhaps, build your own restrictions unto this promotion type.

  • Don’t allow it on SFP offers
  • Perhaps only allow it for items below $20 or $25. or/and
  • force the threshold for “Free” under the promotion type to be a fair & feasible threshold. (Perhaps $49.)


only (workaround) method for the dimensional weight issue, is to enter as “Sipping Weight” the dimensional weight instead of the scale weight.,


I figured that, but have not had time to work on this. It is pretty complicated because of all the zones and all the dim weights. Also, it needs to be workable while in transition. I have all 20 templates in use, so I can’t just create new ones and assign them to a few skus to roll out changes. I have to get it right enough the first time to not screw things up. One of the many difficulties is getting the rates close to break even, without going over so much that Amazon removes the listings from the buy box. They do that, you know. And it doesn’t have to be ridiculously above break even. Just a modest profit on shipping will do it.


You’re missing what this news article is about it seems. Because this comment you & some others are making here, does NOT FIT this topic, I believe.

This is about TRUE free shipping. There is (for just another few days) an option to give customers, on offers that you do charge shipping, a discount of FREE shipping if they spend X amount.

It is terrible to the non PRIME offers, and customer’s of such, to see this go away.

@Amazon_News do you truly believe that every offer can be offered as PRIME?!
We know that you don’t. You clearly understand that some items/offered cannot be PRIME.
(EX: Small 'N Light, Freight/Truck shipping items, etc.)

Please RETRACT this decision & let the TRUE FREE SHIPPING live, where it is needed.
C’mon, or at least shed some light/explanation. Why, why, why?


Seems the Promotions for Free Shipping are still Active…they didn’t delete them


where do you that?