Free Shipping Promotion Deprecation


I have seen buyers repeatedly purchase a more expensive total free standard shipping item over a less expensive plus shipping total cost item. Psychological buyer response to the word “free”. If anything buyers expect shipping to be included and most of the time upgraded shipping as well. So I would suggest this is Amazon’s way of giving Prime Buyers and Prime Sellers a leg up on non prime members sales.


Yes , you can… Via Banded shipping. you upload your data to Amazon Spread Sheet. Go read up on the Seller Help pages.


Amazon Ads… not Amazon… This is about Running Ads via the Amazon Click Advertising

Free Shipping Promotions will no longer be supported starting January 13th, 2020 . Please make any necessary edits to your Free Shipping Promotions in Advertising **Promotions


I’ve often thought it should be called “shipping included” instead of “free shipping”. I do offer free shipping because there are so many people who just can’t or don’t want to do the math in their heads. I have gotten a lot more sales since I started free shipping, even though it is not really free.


True, but customers that place larger orders end up paying more, which is not what you want.


Because Amazon wants only Prime products to have free shipping since they make more money when they fulfill orders themselves. I look for Amazon to one day require all products be priced with free shipping so that they can enforce free returns and migrate more FBM sellers into FBA.


I would like to see shipping settings much more the way eBay has done it. You could set your shipping rates, or let them be calculated automatically for destination zip code. I don’t care about making a profit on shipping. But I also don’t want to lose on it. An eBay method would vastly simplify my shipping templates, because it is impossible to get 20 templates to cover all things for break-even on shipping.

One difficulty would be that Amazon doesn’t always use the dimensions and weights that I specify when creating the detail page or a listing. Therefore, I can’t use weight in the shippng calculation. They would have to fix this horrible flaw.


The concept of “Free Shipping” is incorrect BUT it has been part of Marketing psychology for many years to compete with physical stores. Some like you add up the product price plus shipping, but many customers don’t and they rely on Free Shipping promotion in order to make purchase decisions. Many channels such as eBay even let buyers to filter results and only select Free shipping. This new policy is not beneficial for 3rd party sellers, at least not when Free Shipping is inevitable part of Digital Marketing psychology.


This is a welcome development, but it doesn’t go far enough. There is NO SUCH THING AS FREE SHIPPING.

As we (sellers, and probably most buyers) all know, there is no such thing as FREE SHIPPING. It’s a lie. The cost of shipping is added into the list price of the item sold.

So, let’s just end this lie, admit that shipping costs something, and we will all be better. Apart from anything else, I believe that the FREE SHIPPING LIE is ecologically irresponsible, encouraging mindless consumerism.

All those trucks, burning fossil fuels, spewing diesel into the environment, endangering the lives of people in industrial areas with bad air, and heating up the planet. It’s BAD NEWS.



Well this is just not true. If I offer my customer free shipping, then the shipping is indeed free for them. Free shipping does not mean free for the seller, we are all aware that there are costs involved for our marketing. This way the customer absorbs no penalty for a damaged/returned item. This gives a customer comfort. This is why we all sell so much online.


No… They are just paying for it in a different way. Unless you are not building it into the amount you charge? Which I highly doubt.


You love to play mental gymnastics don’t you? Life becomes a lot more complicated that way for no reason.

It is free shipping FOR THE CUSTOMER. They pay ZERO DOLLARS in shipping. Not one customer cares about the costs involved in you pricing your items. Customers do not want to do math, they do not want to worry about being charged for shipping and then not being refunded this amount in a return. It is FREE SHIPPING FOR THE CUSTOMER


A $10 item + $10 shipping is the same as $20 + free shipping as far as what the customer pays. So it’s not free. If it was truly free you’d be selling the same item for $10 + free shipping.


You don’t read very well but at this point I suspect it’s because you are more interested in proving your point than being right or wrong. Good luck bud and good night!


There is an argument I can think of for the advantage to the seller by generalization instead of itemization in the price of the product for the customer. Some part of total perceived value of a product is based on price. Luxury brands take advantage of this. No matter what costs and markup are, $20 product with free shipping will still project an illusion of consensus agreement of perceived value at $20, compared to a $10 perceived value + $10 shipping + whatever the customer perceives as ‘expensive’ or not for added shipping. Generalization in price structure removes each individual customer’s tendencies and attitudes about pricing and addition from the interaction, and simply presents your product with a higher perceived value than the alternative.


I read just fine. I believe if anything is lacking here it is your comprehension of simple math. As I stated before, if the shipping were truly “Free to the customer” as you keep repeating, then you’d sell a $10 product for $10 flat out, nothing added. And I highly doubt you are doing that. Therefore it is NOT “Free to the customer” – You are just charging them in another way.


Saying “there is no such thing as free shipping” is like saying “There is no such thing as a $10 item that costs $9”. Sometimes, there is. That’s one thing discounts are used for, to encourage customers to buy. Yes, the seller always flips the bill, but the “free shipping” isn’t an offer made to the seller.
I sell lower priced items, averaging $11. I offer, well offered I guess, free shipping over $25 to encourage people to increase their buy. This sucks for me, and frankly, Amazon. If they don’t want me to be able to increase average order value, we both lose.


Couldn’t agree more. On Walmart 2-Day Free shipping is all or nothing. The price of the listing therefore goes up for everyone, regardless of if they needed it in 2 days or not. And of course, it goes up even more since Walmart keeps 15% of everything.

If you only have one fulfillment location, you likely raise prices according to the furthest zone.

I’m mostly ashamed of humanity. My average friend or family doesn’t understand any of this.


One modifier would be that some states do not collect sales tax on shipping and handling charges. That can be a significant savings for those who buy where the shipping is itemized.


Another modifier is where shipping rates differ by region or state. I charge for shipping on all buy my one FBA product. That means 99% of my sales are NOT with free shipping. Shipping locations that are near have a significantly lower shipping charge than those that are cross country.

Also, buyers have a lower cost of shipping per item when purchasing multiple items from me. My average number of items has increased significantly since I started itemizing shipping.

Amazon makes it difficult to setup shipping templates where you break even on shipping. On average, for the last two months I have come very close to breaking even on shipping, except for the Amazon 15% commission on shipping charges. I intend to raise my shipping charges 17.7% on average in 2020 to break even on it. I also intend to lower product prices enough to give the buyer practically the same bottom line.

My sales for 2019 were up significantly over 2018, and that is even before considering that what I charge for shipping is not counted on sales until I put it all together for income tax reporting.