FREE Shipping on orders over $35


When did this change from $25.00? I just now noticed for the first time that it changed to $35.00.


It changed today, on Oct. 21 (Here on the left coast it’s still Oct. 21).

Nothing FBA sellers can do about it, except perhaps raise prices which are close to $35 to try to capture the higher free shipping sales. When the minimum was $25, I saw many FBA sellers with prices of $24.99. This is how I knew they were amateurs :slight_smile:

I have a $29.95 item that I raised to $35 today.


Thank you for the link to the announcement.



Prime minimum remains $25.

This change should push many more customers to sign-up for Prime during the Holidays.

Well played Amazon.


This could be very bad for sellers like me. Less people will be buying lower priced items. I love how we got no notice of this at all! I had to read about it on Slickdeals to find out. And just before Christmas…I am quite angry with Amazon at the moment.


Prime doesn’t have a minimum, other than for add-on items, if that is what you meant.

What I do expect to see at some point is a switch from FREE 2 day shipping with no minimum to FREE 3-5 day shipping with no minimum with PRIME, with a FREE upgrade to 2 day shipping on orders over $35.

Which makes sense, sending a $7 item via 2 day air shipping is a bit insane. :slight_smile:


This hit the big news sites pretty quick. Here’s an article linked to from todays CNN main business page, kind of sounds like they (Amazon) expect it to affect sales -

I honestly don’t expect them to make any changes to the Prime shipping times - too much chance of Prime members dumping it. IMO, Amazon shot themselves in the foot when they started offering those free streaming movies with Prime membership. I saw a business article today that estimated the licensing cost of the free videos offered through Prime at somewhere between $500 million and $1 billion per year.

Edit: And they’re still adding to it, press release from Amazon earlier today -

Amazon and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Announce Expanded Content Licensing Agreement for Prime Instant Video

Deal includes Vikings, the #1 new cable series of the year in the U.S. along with popular MGM films for Prime members to stream instantly

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct. 22, 2013-- (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced an expanded content licensing agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), making the epic series Vikings available on Prime Instant Video. Amazon’s video streaming subscription customers in the UK and Germany have already been enjoying the hit drama series since it exclusively came to LOVEFiLM – Amazon’s European film and TV series subscription service-in May. Vikings premiered on HISTORY in the U.S. and was the #1 new cable series in 2013.

Today’s announcement also brings with it a number of great MGM films, including Oscar-winning titles like Fargo, Platoon and Annie Hall, along with fan favorites like Hotel Rwanda and Hoosiers for Prime members to instantly stream on hundreds of compatible devices anytime, anywhere.

“We’re excited that Prime Instant Video is now the video subscription home of Vikings, a series we know our customers love in both the U.S. and abroad,” said Brad Beale, Director of Digital Video Content Acquisition for Amazon. “Adding a collection of great MGM films, along with Vikings, is an example of how we’re continuously working to offer our Prime members some of the best content available anywhere.”

“MGM is thrilled to further our relationship with Amazon by offering the epic series Vikings, as well as titles from MGM’s library with Amazon Prime members,” said John Bryan, President, Domestic Television Distribution, MGM. “We are always looking for opportunities to bring our content to new audiences in innovative ways, which is exactly what this partnership delivers.”

Prime Instant Video is the exclusive online subscription home for PBS series Downton Abbey, the CBS summer blockbuster series Under the Dome, with each episode added just four days after initial broadcast, and other hit TV series including Justified, Falling Skies, Grimm, Suits and Covert Affairs. Prime Instant Video also offers an exclusive collection of kids shows from Nick Jr. that customers won’t find anywhere else including favorites like Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go!, Blue’s Clues, and The Backyardigans. Debuting this fall, Amazon’s first original series Alpha House and Betas can be found exclusively on Prime Instant Video as well.

Source: Amazon

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This doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the removal of Featured Merchant stuff.


There is no Prime minimum. The only time any minimum applies to prime is if you are trying to buy an Add-On item. Otherwise, I can buy a $5 item and get it shipped Prime.


yes, that’s what i meant. add-on items for prime remain $25 minimum.

i read some news in the media freaking out about Amazon raising super saver to $35, and they totally forget that Holiday shoppers will get a Free trial to Prime, if they want. I suspect many will take up the offer for the free Prime trial, and Amazon will add tons of new paying members to Prime.


YAY! About Time! They should have raised it to $50!

People need to get used to paying for shipping again…been too long on the sellers end.


That day is gone and never coming back…

Customers don’t like paying for shipping, they would rather the cost just be built into the overall business model.

I do agree that it should probably have gone up to $49 (so that $49.95 and such would be covered), but I’m sure they ran a lot of numbers on it and decided $35 was a good number for them.


I’m not sure whether to be happy or concerned about the change. I went to purchase something today and noticed the $35. Opted to pay the shipping (total cost around $26) than purchase something extra.

The first thing I thought of was the Add-Ons. It might help those sales, especially if the item is a complementary item to the purchase (such as kitchen linens).

If the focus is to encourage Prime membership and the $25 requirement for Add-Ons, will most items under $10 convert to Add-Ons?


adjusted for inflation, $25 ten years ago is about $32 today.

prices have to go up eventually, unless you are talking about costco hot dogs. :wink: (watch the cnbc costco special for more on that)


Costco hotdog and a drink for $1.25. Winner!

I know a guy who is a single dad with 4 boys. Every time I’m at Costco, they’re having dinner in the Food Court. Seriously.

Kind of feel bad for him, but his boys are young and think it’s AWESOME!



This change should help the self-fulfill book dealers. Somebody buying one book is less likely to add a second book now.


the costco special on cnbc is well worth watching for those interested in retail (most of us here i’d guess)

link to the show:

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