Free Amazon Handmade ISN’T


I was charged $79 this month for two months on the FREE amazon handmade. I hadn’t listed an item yet because I was approved but couldn’t figure out how to activate. A link in the email i found out later. If you want to sell your handmade goods you must pay $40 a month. Amazon hawks this as free it is not. I tried for 2 days to contact customer service and couldn’t get through. FREE is a fraud by Amazon.


Registering for Amazon Handmade comes with a free Professional selling plan. If you currently have, or previously had, a Professional selling plan, you might be eligible for the free Professional selling plan if you are a Professional seller who sells primarily on Handmade and does not sell more than 40 non-handmade products in categories other than Amazon Handmade in a given month on your Handmade account.

If you currently have an Individual selling plan, you must upgrade to a Professional selling plan first before continuing with your Amazon Handmade registration. Selling more than 40 non-handmade products in different categories on your Handmade account will result in you being subject to the monthly fee of $39.99, as outlined in the seller agreement. The current $39.99 monthly Professional selling plan subscription fee is waived for Amazon Handmade artisans.


Sometimes an error is made and a new Handmade seller is charged for the Pro account. Look under the Help menu for Handmade Seller Support and follow the prompts until you are able to request a return phone call.

They will call you back within moments. Explain that you have been billed for your Pro account. They will fix it and refund your money, no worries.

In your Seller Central you should have an entire section of Handmade widgets. One to click to add a product. If you aren’t seeing any of this, tell Handmade Seller Support.

Find your way to the Handmade forum. I’m on my phone; brb with a link.


If you can’t access it (which sometimes happens :persevere:) you will have to request access here (brb)
here: Accessing The Locked Handmade Community Update