Fraud?.. Is this something Amazon will back me on?


I had a promotion where I was giving codes to select reviewers (99% off) in order to provide honest and unbiased reviews. I obviously screwed up somehow as a few ‘buyers’ who were not given a code, were given a code by Amazon to enter in at purchase for the discount.

I have since ended the promotion but I inadvertently ‘gave away’ about 40-50 units. Ouch!

One guy bought 10, then came back and bought 10 more. Will Amazon back me on this and request he cancel his order or am I s**t out of luck? I have asked him to cancel his order… surprisingly no word back from him.

Any suggestions?

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If your account can take the hit, cancel the order for the second set of 10 units, politely explaining to the buyer there was an error and the code was meant for SINGLE units only and he has already purchased 10.

Then zero out your inventory for a couple of days, on that particular item.


I wasn’t aware these were FBA.

Still, I would open a case and tell them the truth. There was an error with the code and this particular buyer already purchased 10 items instead of a single unit and is attempting to purchase 10 more.

Also, since the buyer will not respond to you, ask Amazon to step in.

Nothing to lose by trying. Let us know the outcome, because it is a good question.

Good luck.


Thanks to those of who were helpful in your responses. To those who wish to name call, well… so be it. It must be nice to be perfect. I haven’t quite achieved that yet so I wouldn’t know.

It was a great learning experience for me that caused very little financial harm. Introducing a new invention that has no competition is a difficult thing to do. We only dealt with Top Amazon reviewers and expect only honest and unbiased reviews, which we got. Sales are on track now and we are averaging 300 paid orders a day for a single product. In my world that’s not bad for two and a half weeks out of the gate.

This was my error alone in setting up the promotion and I can live with the results. Thanks again to those who helped find a solution. You guys are good people.


I followed Amazon’s instructions on cancelling orders but the Action column that supposedly gives me this option in the Manage Orders area, has no option to cancel. Anyhow, the promotion has ended and there is no way to use codes with the promotion killed. I’m OK from here on, just trying to find a way from FBA shipping these items…


This seems to happen a lot:

bunga bunga!


Although I tend to agree with you, it should not be allowed in general, it is permissible for a limited amount of items and it does not mean a seller should get screwed by someone trying to take advantage of an offer for a free or discounted item (not 10 or 20 items) promotion in exchange for reviews.


Oh poor baby…we all feel bad for you scamming the system to get “honest reviews”…I can’t believe you can even say that with a straight face. Just say what it is - you are paying for reviews.


The class of people who sell reviews are the class of people who should not be trusted with such a discount code.

Sellers who deal with them should not be surprised.

This is not the first seller to be ripped off this way.


Serves you right for trying to purchase reviews.
In my opinion this is something that should not be allowed at all.
If Amazon is going to allow this then they should supply a list of reviewers that they will accept this kind of review from and not someone that promises a good review for a free product and then only one review per product per seller.
These sellers that give away 100 items just to try to build their ranking is just right.


how can you give someone something for basically free and say unbiased and honest lol you are a fool for doing this and are out the units


if you attempt to stop these orders from shipping amazon will suspend your account


Whatever? I am going to go back and watch the superbowl!!

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