Forced to sign up in global marketplaces!


When I joined seller central Amazon was doing some 6 months
promotional thing that forces you to join global marketplace
WHY I DONT KNOW! I have been trying to figure how to
remove myself from all other marketplaces except USA
but the instructions given dont match nor allow you to
remove yourself from global markets.

Does anyone know how and where I go on here to remove
myself from these other marketplaces?


I too have the same problem. Somehow Japan was clicked on during setup. I tried to unclick it several times with no change. My bank was charged the $44 approx. for activating that market along with the $37 approx. for the US. I would too like to know how to get Japan out of my account and get my refund for the Japan charge on account.


You didn’t opt-in for Japan market you most likely were forced to join under that global market promotion they were doing like I was. I connected them right away and was told I won’t be charged but yet Japan tried and I called my bank and had it shut down and got a new card. I have also since shut down my back up card on file so they don’t charge that too. Amazon doesn’t have a way to remove cards just edit the information which I find messed up.

I would contact Amazon and let them know you don’t requested to be in multiple market places, you were charged triple instead of just the $39.99 and then I would contact your bank ASAP and dispute those extra charges because you were only supposed to pay $39.99 also have them shut down the card they used to request a new one so they can’t charge you again.

I’m still trying to figure out how to remove these other market places off my account also but no answers are given!


You opted-in, you were not forced into anything. You probably saw the promotion, it sounded like a good deal (I think you’re referring to the 10 marketplaces for an introductory rate of $39.99/month).

Have you tried logging into the Japanese marketplace and clicking on SETTINGS - ACCOUNT INFO - then CLOSE ACCOUNT from the ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT section?


Thanks for your input, but I didn’t opt-in for multiple market places and I know what I saw when I joined!! So unless you were sitting there beside me when yes I was FORCED NOT I mistakenly joined those other market places.

And NO I DIDN’T think is was a good idea to do so that’s why I reached out to Amazon as soon as it happened and they explained it to me…Maybe that was the case for you so please speak on what you know not what you assumed happened!!


Admitting you made a mistake is the first step towards building credibility. It also helps not to berate those who are trying to help you. That said given your account is suspended for being related to another account, this marketplace issue is the least of your problems.

I’ve never heard of someone successfully appealing a linked account suspension. Maybe other sellers have a different experience but I don’t think you’ll be reinstated. If your reply to me is any indication of how you handle yourself it would be wise to save your appeal for the reinstatement service that you’ll need to hire if you want to sell on Amazon again. I’d recommend Rosenbaum & Famularo.

Good luck!


I like how you are focused in just what you want to see and NOT WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED but what ever helps you get through the day!!
You answered your OWE DAM question… exactly why would I appeal something I actually did myself :thinking::face_with_monocle: Hum??

Yes my reply to you was correct and like you said YOUR situation is not MY situation nor others. If you checked this forum LIKE I DID you would have seen there were other people with the SAME problem as me so why the would I own accountability for something I know for certain wasn’t the case??? If this wasn’t your situation WHY are you on my topic since this wasn’t your experience :thinking:

Since you have all the answers and know it all… focus on yours because maybe you wouldn’t have had to go buy a service to help. Again unless you were there with me when I joined speak ON WHAT YOU ACTUALLY KNOW NOT WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW in my situation.

Don’t need luck I correct answers from those that know what they are speaking about and actually been through this same situation not those assuming just because they got too much time on their hands.


There does seem a genuine problem with the new seller sign up which includes multiple locales/countries by default. Being signed up by default somewhere like Japan shouldn’t be taken lightly given the local language and legal requirements etc. Doing this be default seems wrong so hopefully that can be amended by Amazon.


GM and thank you for letting others know there’s a problem and people are being forced into other market places when joining…not just joining by mistake.

Hopefully this problem will get fixed when who knows.


So I’m making this up or not owning my own stuff hum :thinking:


I am so glad it’s not just me.I started believing it was something I had done wrong.Inwant my money back for those accounts.So far I have received no help from Amazon support


First of all you not only need luck, you need a lot of it. I know after 2 weeks on the platform you have all the answers, but read this carefully… You’re banned for life.

Your suspension isn’t an offense where you get reinstated by writing a POA. I don’t think you understand the gravity of your situation because if you did, you would be ranting and raving. I certainly don’t have all the answers but given that I’ve been selling on Amazon full-time for a few years, regularly attend industry events, belong to a mastermind group and read over 21,000 posts on this forum, you better believe that I’ve got more answers than you.

My account has never been suspended but have worked with CJ Rosenbaums law firm on other issues. You on the other hand are in a very precarious situation and should give them a call today. Although you seem to know what you’re doing so maybe you should handle it yourself :joy::rofl::laughing:

The reason why I’m on YOUR topic was to provide you the below advice. I really was trying to help you before you got triggered over something of such little importance.


No what you were doing was trying to tell me what you thought you knew about my situation… that’s not helping and just because something wasn’t your experience doesn’t mean it didn’t happen!!

But let yourself believe whatever thanks for the none help and move along with fixing your situation.



No far from crazy and not your doing despite what others will have you believe. I’ve been coming across alot of other people too with this same exact issues and someone suggested that I make this topic to see if someone else went through it and can give genuine advice on how they got through it but so far just the same.

Amazon only answered me when I first questioned them about it but nothing since than. I have since called my bank to dispute the Japanese test charge and had the card shut down which they did after my account was suspended. The main $39.99 charge I’ll leave for now until I get this straightened out if not I’ll be giving my bank a call on that too.

Hopefully Amazon will get this problem fixed but it doesn’t seem like it which is sad especially when it’s their glitch causing all this issue.


I have been patiently waiting for two months.I haven’t asked for any of my funds back yet.But I was charged in Japan, Mexico and the US.I think I will have my bank dispute those charges in the foreign selling forums.I have also been in touch with a group of people that claim for a small fee they get accounts reinstated.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I would personally dispute those charges with your bank ASAP because your account is suspended I would shut down that card they are using as well.
This what I personally didn’t with my card because I didn’t see a way to remove my payment options from Amazon. Why pay for something they are allowing to happen?

Now as far as the service company, research them first and ask to see their track record or see if others have used them too many scammers out here making promises they can’t keep.

All the best and keep us updated


I took the time to provide the below info to help you out man. I’m pretty sure it would solve your problem.


Check the seller forums and you’ll see that this is happening to many new sellers. I’ve submitted documents for identity verification to both UK and Japan. Based on the emails I’ve been receiving, reactivation with the UK looks possible, but so far Japan is unresponsive. Meanwhile, speaking to customer service representatives is pointless… the last guy I talked to seemed more confused than I was.

The sellers who have experienced this have every right to be angry. No matter if we were forced, or tricked, into signing up for global selling through that promotion, Amazon never told us how much it would cost… there wasn’t even a transaction initiated, which is why the charges were red-flagged as fraudulent. And if the suspension was caused by something like verification of identity or a method of payment, then these international marketplaces should give us a time to verify that instead of suspending us immediately. Not to mention we don’t want to sell globally, yet we still have to reactivate the account in order to opt out.


Hello and happy TUESDAY!!

Thanks for your feedback, yes I have come across
several people with the same issue and confirmed
there was and still is a glitch in AMAZON system
that forces you to take global accounts when signing
up which in turn seems to get your account suspended
right after because the system thinks you are opening
several accounts which is not the case. Even saw a
lawyer on youtube talking about it as he has to help
people now get their account back.

I still haven’t gotten my account reinstated as yet, but
the team that manages my AMZ store is working on the
appeal process for me and just reach out to me today
to let me know I have to close out all the other accounts
first then we can send a second appeal so hopefully
this will help.

I will keep updating all here as I got through the process
because this is unfair and folks need help not more headaches.
I have also went ahead and filed a dispute with my bank CHASE
for the fee and got my money back due to them backing contract
and not giving the service I paid for!


Something new about this case?