Forbidden after sign up, why?


How do I find out why it says
Sorry, you do not have sufficient rights to view this page. Please contact your site admin if you think you have received this message in error.

I have been trying on and off for a week and I can’t figure it out. When I watch the videos I also see an inventory page and more. I don’t seem to have access to any of the links. Not sure what to do from here. Delete the account and start over? Help please


That is a serious violation of Amazon’s TOS and you and anyone with whom you ever share a household will be banned from selling on Amazon for life. So: don’t do that.

Look under Help to navigate to where you can submit an email inquiry to Seller Support. What is most likely the problem is that you need to pass the New Seller review — have you submitted official ID, a utility bill, bank statement, etc?

Or it could be that every item you have tried to list is a restricted brand. What exactly have you been trying to list?


Did check that the email address your trying to login to sellercentral with is the same one you created the sellercentral account with?

My business buying account requires a different email address. I get restricted pages if I use the wrong email between the 2.

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