For those who have been hacked


My account was recently hacked and it was a painful experience being cutoff without any idea what was going on. I know there are other threads on this, but none of them seemed to help me when I was looking for answers. I figured I’d give a brief summary of my experience for anyone else in my position at the moment.

My account was hacked on April 6th and my deposit information changed just like many of the others I have been reading about. Luckily I caught it before any money went through, but I still called Amazon to let them know and I changed the info and my passwords right away. I received an email shortly after regarding suspicious activity on my account (the same email that has been posted several times) with steps to follow, but when I tried to follow those steps found that I was locked out of my account completely.

Now I had to deal with the ordeal of being locked out of my seller and personal accounts without any sort of communication from Amazon for quite some time. According to Amazon the accounts are linked if you had an buyer account before signing up as a seller.

I couldn’t post on here either since you have to be signed in to post on the forums, so all I could do was read what others were saying and try to figure out what was going on.

It was 12 days in total before I was able to once again login to my accounts. I called everyday to check up on it and got mostly different answers each day. On the 12th day someone simply asked me a few security questions and I was back in business. So my advice to anyone else is follow up each day and be patient. 12 days seems like forever when you are losing money every day, but I assume Amazon is backed up with these cases.

After regaining access I was able to setup two step and reset my password. I emailed seller performance for an appeal and was granted my selling privileges back within a couple hours.

I will say that just the other day I received a code on my phone without accessing my account, which leads me to believe someone was trying to hack in again already. Scary stuff since I literally just changed my password and its completely different from anything else I use.

Hope this is useful to someone reading who is wondering what the heck is going on. It will all sort itself out shortly.


There are a couple more considerations.

You can change your email address (in your buyer account). That will pretty much end the current surge.

The other thing is that sometimes Amazon’s login process has a temporary glitch with logins. One of the consequences of that is that after you try more than a couple times, Amazon gets into anti-hacking mode and forces you to change your password. This happened earlier this week to almost everyone.

What you can do is after failing twice, go to and try signing in there (logout first). If that has a similar problem, then you need to go the password reset path.

It is not always hackers or malware. Stuff happens. You still need to be careful, though.


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