For INBOUND parcels to Amazon, Does Amazon provide a UPS label with MCF?


#1 - For INBOUND parcels to Amazon, does Amazon provide a label with MCF like it does for FBA?

Meaning - With FBA, I was surprised at the low cost of the UPS label for inbound shipping rates from us to Amazon’s warehouse.

Is the same service provided for packages that are shipped to Amazon for Multi-channel fulfillment?

#2 - Are there any other fees involved in MCF other than the fulfillment fees and storage?


Getting the items to Amazon is the same. It doesn’t matter if FBA or you will do MCF or both.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment fees and storage are it.


Thanks so much. So, when creating a shipment to MCF, there will be a step that reads “Create Shipping Label”, we then print that and affix it to the package?


Creating shipments to Amazon is the same. It is all FBA Shipments.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment is when you place the order.

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