Five ways Amazon Pay helps small business owners


Are you a small business owner who wants to find out how to use Amazon Pay for your needs?

Amazon Pay is a digital payment solution helps small business owners reach Amazon customers with minimal hassle by letting them use the payment information that’s already saved in their Amazon accounts.

Find out how Amazon Pay can help you attract and retain customers, as well as reduce your costs, all while cultivating a seamless, continuous shopping experience.

Learn how your business can benefit and grow using Amazon Pay.

  1. Help Amazon obtain monopoly status in e-comm by branding your site with their moniker, and giving them a percentage of off-Amazon sales, ultimately leading to the death of any site which isn’t Amazon.
  2. ???
  3. Profit


I’ve already talked about this subject in other threads. Just don’t say I didn’t warn ye.

“It is a blessing for a man to have a hand in determining his own fate”


So if I have my own site, I can link a Amazon payment method to my site? I am trying to figure how this will help me. I dont care who pays me, but maybe it might make someone feel more secure using it if they have Amazon behind it. Is this what it is?


All you’ll end up doing, is giving them another way how strangle your business.


A disturbing trend for small online businesses is that people don’t want to “search around” and they don’t want to “sign up” and they want the perceived value of a giant all-in-one service. They go back to the same places because of the convenience of having all their information in one place…for better or for worse.
Amazon, eBay and other sites make shopping easy as pushing one or two buttons. Buyers go to your little website and get annoyed that they have to fill out their information, verify their email, etc. Using Amazon Pay or Checkout shortens that “hassle” to the buyer.

That is the only perk.

We tried it briefly. We turned it off because of technical issues and Amazon as usual offered very little help.


Yes, It’s basically a paypal alternative from Amazon.


I will take a sale from a lazy person, I hate filing out that stuff too, lol. Im not sure how that isn’t a win win. If you’re saying I have to wait for Amazon to disburse, I’m ok with that, and thankfully have a cushion, thanks to Amazon. We have a love hate relationship.


Thank you, a response that is to ther point. I use PayPal now, so this sounds like you can add it, and the Amazon lovers can use this, and the haters can use PayPal. I would think it would give my small biz site some credibility, since who uses PayPal anymore, lol.



Here come the haters, but they are all wrong.

Amazon Pay is literally the best payment processor on the web. Call me a shill, call me a plant, I don’t care. The fact is that we have used Amazon Pay as the primary checkout method on our 7-fig website for several years now. Our first real foray into online sales started on Amazon, so it was a logical progression for us. It has actually turned out to be a pretty good deal.

  • It’s a different support team from selling on Amazon.
  • The Amazon logo imparts a certain trust level in customers, IMO. That is, it makes us look bigger to the vast majority of new customers who’ve never heard of us.
  • Because Amazon does such a good job keeping on top of customers payment methods, we’ve never had a chargeback. Let me repeat that: Tens of thousands of orders shipped and not a single chargeback. If you can replicate that using ANY other payment processor please let me know and we’ll use them too!
  • On the rare occasion when there has been a question, Amazon has backed us.
  • Not sure what somebody was saying about disbursements being delayed? That is totally false. Once I confirm a shipment the money is in my account the next day. Most of the time they’re faster than a regular CC processor.

It is a challenge to set up yourself and not intuitive, but they have an entire sandbox site where you can run real-time tests using your actual data.

Hope this helps.



They’re acting as a payment processor using the payment data already in the customer’s Amazon account.

The cool thing about this is that if the customer has been on Amazon recently, they are automatically logged into your site when they arrive. Making it essentially, a two or three-click checkout. These other guys dissing it, also don’t use it.

See my post below for more.



We’ve shipped nearly thirty thousand orders using Amazon Pay. We’ve had one single A-Z claim (found in our favor) and have had zero chargebacks.

It supposed to be hard to set up, because Amazon’s the only one of the big guys who’s never had a payment processing hack and they probably want to keep it that way. They have an entire sandbox site to do full, live web testing, using your own data in real time before you go live.

I’m nobody special, but eventually got it working. If you then got suspended for setting it up wrong, that’s not exactly their fault.



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With Amazon Pay, the customer can open an AZ Claim? Does that mean they go through Amazon customer service too? Even if they are purchasing on your site?

I read the link, I will watch the video later for more information. I am sure its covered in there


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Unfortunately, as long as Amazon is non-sensical bot-driven, we are not able to partner with it as a payment processor as the stakes are too high.

Please let us know when you hire humans so we can reconsider.


The Amazon Pay A to Z rules are a little different from the one, and is more merchant-centric. It’s more like your credit card processor in that, as long as you follow the rules you are covered.


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90% of sellers hate Amazon?

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