Feedback removal what a joke!


lately the feedback removal system is total useless they dont even read your repley ,i take my time to show that the feedback was fba problem and they say the same caned reply. i would not bother but i work hard to keep good ratings and they just dont care ,here is the latest .these were all fba.

1 rated ,Unable to receive a package shipped by UPS. Cannot pick it up at a holding location. I assume it will be returned. I forgot to put on the order that the package should be shipped U.S. mail as UPS cannot get in our building gate unless someone is home to let them in. Very sorry I can’t get delivery.

3 rated Recipient reports that the gift message was missing from the package. She correctly guessed that I was the giver, but what is the use of going through the time and trouble to compose a lovely note if the seller is going to ignore it?

2 rated The order was not completely filled, was missing part of it, the female sign
i only sold her a bottle of lotion .

this is getting hard to do business when amazon dose not do the right thing.


Feedback Removal Process is awful – REALLY Awful. The use of bots doing a first pass and immediately rejecting is horrible (do the bots or even the programmers who program the bots have a brain?). And yes after writing messages and reopening a case and clearly showing how or why the feedback was not meant for you or belong or is just outright wrong or slanderous – all you get is the canned message.

We got gotten neg reviews for items that wasn’t even sold by us or in condition sold by us (such as accused of shipping used) and have to guess that the review was probably meant for another seller and assume or made a mistake thinking everything in their basket or checkout cart was sold and shipped by us. But NO the feedback was not removed when clearly the feedback was not for the item we sold them. Is the feedback removal team trained to read and cross-reference the purchase (heck we sold a blu-ray to the customer and the customer is writing or reviewing us about getting a broken sewing machine! Also not certain by it appears that buying either on the internet or phone is no longer showing at a glance what is new Vs used or open box (sometimes my phone automatically applies the New condition filter (weeding out any other conditions).

Anyway, neg feedback – especially when the customer is clearly in the wrong (wrong product, wrong seller, wrong context) impacts account health and confidence a buyer has in a seller – there has to be changes made not to tarnish, diminish or trash a seller’s reputation.when the feedback is not intended for them.

Amazon MODS please get the feedback removal team to READ the reason for removal, perhaps even read the comment – cross reference what was sold, see if any communication took place and use some out-of-the box common sense. This is our reputation at stake that we work hard to uphold. And I know I’m typing this knowing that no one at Amazon will read this or make a call to action (like you wrote Feedback removal - what a joke!)

– Though funny that any neg reference to Amazon delivery or support in a comment will be removed. Also ironic that Amazon buyers can never publicly rate Amazon on THEIR performance – Heavens NO!.That’s a metric and barometer I would love to see (even as I type this my prime delivery is late)
I think there was a time when you can only rate their packaging or mailer used (LOL)


I agree all of these should be struck-through per the Feedback Removal guidelines. I recommend taking a simple approach. Many sellers her advise just to write a sentence or two. I usually do that and then in a second paragraph copy paste the policy.

It’s pretty clear they are not going to read an essay about the feedback removal (I don’t think anyone would want to read a wall of text), I imagine they need to close as many of these cases quickly. For me the timeline for a removal response went from 1 minute to 3-4 days so clearly they are overloaded.

Can you share what you sent in that was denied just for a reference point?