Feedback meant for another vendor


Did anyone successfully remove a review that was meant for another seller?

The buyer is super angry with the other vendor
-mentions communication between other vendor and him (no prior communication with us),
-mentions cancelation of the order three times (never canceled on us),
-the other vendor is probably a drop shipper cause customer mentions him not having his own inventory (not our case - we carry what we sell),
-customer mentions item being late (the book he bought from us was on time and our late rate is 0%)

Of course you all know how this is destroying our account.

Is there a mod that can help us with this matter?
We have already contacted seller support one time by email (closed with the typical: Actions column, choose “Request removal”…links) and one time by phone where seller support assured help, but sent same email with the above links and closed the case.

Is there some further action we can do so this doesn’t happen again? Maybe have mod’s make a point where feedback removal meant for other vendors are on the list of requirements to remove feedback like this???

Feedback meant for other seller

@AngelicPretty @Oneida_Books


A review has to be about the product. Not feedback about a Seller.

I would think that you should be able to request removal since it is not a proper review.


First of all, are you talking about a “review” or “feedback”?