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Has anyone else had an issue with FedEx “Sortation Assist Cover Labels?” In the past week we’ve had two performance issues, one FBA and one Vendor, both to the same warehouse but on different days, where Amazon has said that a box was missing the necessary contents label. The vendor issue had a chargeback, while the FBA issue had a warning.

In both cases we were shown pictures of the boxes, and it was clear that the labels were, in fact, on the boxes, but were covered by these FedEx labels, which additionally read “Apply over the customer bar code which may cause scanning conflicts” and “Remove label before delivering package to recipient.”

We’'ve asked for investigation in both cases, but haven’t heard anything - the Vendor response says they will respond within 30 days. We don’t ship many packages, so at the moment our operatonal performance is above the 5% that triggered the chargeback.

I had never heard of these labels, but I’m surprised that an Amazon warehouse wouldn’t recognize and remove them.


There’s another thread going on this - UPS is doing the same thing. This is a systemic issue impacting all sellers that Amazon needs to step in and address.


Can you upload the photos here for our review?


Sure, images attached.


Wow, I was not expecting FedEx to cover all barcodes on the package (just their own shipping label). That is insane and Amazon needs to communicate to the local FedEx and UPS terminals to stop this practice for inbound FBA and Vendor Central small pack packages. It will cause charge backs for seller and vendors and not allow Amazon to mark Vendor POs and seller FBA shipments as received.

@SEAmod are you able to look into this?

@APTVend have you emailed about this?


Nothing yet on the Vendor side, but for the FBA one I received this just now:

We apologize for the inconvenience. The problem was found to be inaccurate on Shipment ID FBA15GBTWJHL and has been removed from the Problems page in your Seller Central account. It appears the carrier had applied a label over the Shipment ID. The problem will be reversed in the Inbound Performance Report within 24 hours. If any charges were incurred to your account, they have been refunded. No further action is required.


Now the Vendor response today. Really helpful, NOT!

We regret to inform you that your dispute has been denied due to your carton arriving with another label covering your carton content label. As a result, our receiving scanner was unable to read it. Please contact your carrier in order to avoid this situation in the future.


Did you ship on your own FedEx account or using Amazon’s partnered carrier? If the latter, as many of us do, then I would push back on this response to “contact your carrier in order to avoid this situation in the future”. This is Amazon’s partnered carrier and you placed the FBA carton label on the box as instructed - Amazon needs to step in and address this issue with their partnered carriers - both FedEx and UPS.


Good idea - I hadn’t thought about the fact that it was their carrier, not ours - We are a collect account, meaning Amazon tells us who to use for each box, and Amazon pays the freight.


So, after 18 days we received an identically worded rejection of the dispute, and the dispute itself says that no further disputes are allowed when they have been denied twice.

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