Fedex Partnered Shipping - Amazon FBA



Recently Amazon has added the option of using Fedex as a partnered shipper for FBA shipments within SellerCentral. However the documentation has not been updated on how to send the carrier information within the PutTransportContent API.

The UPS carrier name is listed as UNITED_PARCEL_SERVICE_INC.

What is this for Fedex Ground? Can you use Fedex Ground as a partnered shipper within the API, or is this strictly for SellerCentral?



We are getting requests for Fedex support for Small Parcel partnered shipping as well.

When will it be available through the API?


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This is the response we received from the MWS team 1/23/2017:


Currently we have no ETA for when FedEx will become available for this API."



Does any one has any additional information on this issue. FedEx (FEDERAL_EXPRESS_CORP was use as the name of the carrier from other part of the API documentation) still doesn’t seem to work using API. Thanks.



Any update on this?


As you know, FedEx is currently not available as an Amazon-partnered carrier using MWS. Amazon is aware of this, however there is not yet an ETA for adding FedEx as an option.


Please update this thread when Fedex is added as an option to the API, or even when you have an ETA. thank you @Rick@MWS2


That seems bizarre, aren’t you guys dogfooding MWS for the web front-end?


Could you let us know if there is an update if FEDEX will be available as the shipping choice?
Thank you


Hello, do we have a FedEx code yet for the API call?
Should I post a ticket in sellercentral support?



Why is this NOT possible through the API?


Any update to this?


Any update on this? Why is FedEx not available through the API.


I’m still looking for an update.


Do u like fedex or ups


when will FedEx be available as an Amazon-partnered carrier through MWS?


Our software is still awaiting release of this feature. Is anything in the works here?


Any updates?