FedEx Now Taking Photos!


This is absolutely game changing! If you list products FBM and ship with FedEx, they are in the midst of rolling out delivery photos! I have already used this 3 times for customers who claim ONR and it has made each of them go away! I currently attach a screen shot of the tracking with the photo since until this rolls out broadly, you have to be a FedEx Delivery Manager user as a customer or log in to your shipper account to see the photos. They are also not taken on 100% of deliveries. But by the holidays, they plan to have this rolled out so that it is showing on all tracking regardless of login status. It’s a beautiful thing and should help greatly to reduce doing proactive refunds on ONR claims or dealing with A to z claims for ONR. I don’t know if Amazon will accept the photo as proof of delivery in an A to z claim, but I’m sure it will help. Anyway, if you ship FedEx, be sure to log into your account when you are tracking and see if there is a delivery photo.


Does anything in the tracking mention the photo? Just wondering how to spot one.

I thought the announcement stated that anyone with the tracking number could see the image.


I just got a Fedex delivery and Express took a photo, Ground did not.


I doubt this is being added to FEDEX Ground. Too many other problems including big time disputes over money with the individual contractors. No way are they going to spend more time per delivery.


This is available on Ground and even Economy Ground (rebranded SmartPost). I have seen photos on all our methods!


I am amazed. There are press reports of a FEDEX Ground shutdown coming in some areas.

Large contractors have quit, and others are threatening to.

Our service is horrible, They never ring a bell. They leave packages on the street. Scan days before they deliver.


Here’s an example of the tracking when you are logged in and what you see. Yes, the FedEx Ground network is contract. And just like with any employees at any company, most are good and some aren’t. Some people hate their mailman. Some hate their UPS driver. Etc., etc. So individual results will vary. Overall, we receive great service with FedEx at a great price/value. We are not exclusive with them and our system rate shops other carriers which we also use.


FedEx Ground also leaves my packages at the street even though I specifically have a note in the FedEx system not to do it. It’s quite annoying and I’m always concerned someone is going to drive by and take a package.


My inventory comes via FedX Gnd. and I noticed last weekend they stopped Sat/Sun deliveries.


Many of the contractors who hire those drivers are speaking out, and they hate FEDEX.

It has to be mighty tough to be a fourth tier operation run by a company whose top of the line operation is first rate, and FEDEX Express is first rate. It has got be be galling to be paid less and worked harder than that top tier operation.


Has anyone had photos that capture more of the doorway and porch? It would probably make it easier to match the photo with the Google street view in disputes.


Fex-Ex is way ahead of the competition if the camera snaps the photo at the moment they scan the package if done on the same device?


Yea, now maybe they can hire drivers that aren’t morons. I had $4k worth of supplies delivered today. My dock has an area 35’ x 12’ that is covered and a section about 4’ square that isn’t covered. the moron left all the cartons sitting in the only spot he could have possibly put them that wasn’t covered in the pouring rain. It’s not like it started raining after he delivered. It’s been raining for over 20 hours.

This is why I will never use them. Unfortunately I have one supplier that uses them exclusively…sigh.


yep most fedex package I’ve personally received arrived beat up.


I have dropped suppliers for using FEDEX ground, and before it was FEDEX ground and was RPS.


Yep! I’m probably going to drop this supplier myself. They refuse to use another carrier so i will find one that will.


This is from FedX Ground tracking.



when I look at my tracking info the image doesn’t come up. Just a little thing that says, “want to see an image” or some crap.

I swear my rep got me all hooked up…but he has been less than helpful or forthcoming.


This is great news as we’ve been getting claims of broken or damaged stuff and then shipped back to us in a different box.

Most of the stuff we have been getting back in the past few months are items that are materially different/used which is also a problem. Sellers not being able to attach photos in buyer-seller communications lately has been an issue and Amazon adding this back might reduce a few returns and fraud at the onset.

Unfortunately Amazon does not typically ship using FedEx and we rarely use FedEx. We usually stick with UPS or United Postal Service for our FBM orders. United States Postal Service does take pictures at the starting facility but a lot can happen from the time it leaves the facility to the time it is delivered. Now if USPS and UPS would do the same it might help to minimize returns slightly or make Safe-T claims easier on a few returns.


If this is true this will be a game changer.

HOWEVER; I would be willing to bet that Amazon WILL NOT accept the photo as proof of delivery to protect against A-to-Z Claims. Only “their” driver photos will be accepted as proof; and for a fee of course. I hope I’m wrong. I hope Amazon chooses to protect their 3P Sellers. With the ongoing Amazon/Fedex feud I don’t see Amazon doing any of their “Valued Partners” any favors.

Let’s hope I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before; once…sometime in the mid 90’s; I think it was a Tuesday…