FedEx label printed via Buy Shipping Tool



When printing the shipping label, (in our case FedEx) the buy shipping tool does not provide options to enter Reference numbers. FedEx has 4 different reference fields: REF, INV, PO, DEPT. How do these get passed through the MWS API to the FedEx servers to ensure that these get printed on the label when the FedEx label is printed? If there is no provision for these reference numbers, may I ask why this was omitted?



If you are talking about the buy shipping option in seller central this is the wrong forum. However if you are talking about MerchanFulfillment MWS API you can pass in reference information in the CustomTextForLabel field however it will only be included on ZPL format label.


Hi Sal, we are looking for the exact same thing … did you ever find a solution ? ( printing to zpl file is not really an option , and i believe it will not fill in the fedex info )