Fedex Delivery Exception to MDW2


Hey guys!

So has there been any issues with MDW2 (Joliet, IL) off late? Or is it just the war between Amazon and Fedex that is leading to our shipments not being accepted by Amazon’s warehouse?

Please note, I am not speaking of the ‘Partnered Carrier Program’ shipping. We are using our own Fedex account to deliver shipments to Amazon warehouses.

Fedex first attempted to deliver this shipment on August 9, wherein the delivery exception message came up as ‘Future delivery requested’.

Then again they attempted to deliver it today, and guess what. Same exception error! Now on top of the tracking page, we see this -

We made another delivery attempt: 08/12/2019 05:00 AM. Pick up your package(s) today after 08:30 PM at FEDEX FACILITY: 500 COMMERCE STREET . A final delivery attempt will be made on the next business day. Click Manage Delivery below to take more control of your package(s).

We have been shipping to this warehouse for last 18 months without issues. Now I am baffled and shocked to see this happen. I mean these two giants can rip off each other’s head, no problems. But why are you killing us in midst of your clash?


We used to see this on the partnered FedEx account. Amazon decides when they want deliveries. I assume this was FedEx’s way of getting out of delivery commitments.

I would suggest calling FedEx about the hold at location.