Feature Request: To Help New and Small Businesses


I’m thinking that it would help new and small businesses if:
On the search result page, any product with more than 500 reviews is shown it’s star rating with “500+ Reviews” instead of the whole full number of reviews showing (like “1,125” or “2,322”). This way new products don’t have to stress about getting hundreds of reviews to even become noticeable to buyers. Also, after 500 reviews, the companies owning popular products can minimize the amount of money they must spend on trying to get more reviews to compete with others.

I also think the best time to do it is NOW as this pandemic is putting new small businesses out of budget even though online sales are increasing in many categories.

This is just an idea I was brainstorming during times that are stressful for all. If you have something else to add to this or an alternate way to do this, feel free to chime in. Let’s try to get this attention by the development team. Stay safe out there everyone!