"FC transfer" takes forever -Anything to do?


We sent in toy products that only sell well now at the holiday shopping season, but all 2000+ are in FC transfer forever now. Anything to do?? This is killing us.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Nope. Mindfulness exercises and prayer to your preferred deity if you think it helps.


Same answer that I have given for years. Go work for Amazon. Tell your friends. They can do it also. Amazon needs workers.

No, it may not help you but it will help someone.

Your only other option is if you have product in hand. You can sell it FBM. Just be sure you are ready to do that.




Is amazon charging me the hefty Q4 storage fee while they keep my good in FC transfer for weeks?


ridiculous and sad. Literally killing our business and getting us into debt. These are holiday stuff.


We sent in most holiday stuff back in October. How long ago was this shipped in?