FBM USPS changing to priority when changing date


I just purchase the label off Pirate Ship when amazon pulls that on me. I do not use UPS at all either I am strictly USPS. I live 18 miles from the UPS drop off and do not have an account with them. USPS picks up from my oversize box daily without fail. Been doing it that way for years now. I use DHL for foreign and they pick up at the home also.


About two months ago. Every weekend I am looking at: Deliver by date: 00/00/00 to 00/00/00 if the date to 00/00/00 is less than the other orders, it is because the order is in the same state as you. We printed on Sunday and solved the problem of not having to use priority mail on Monday because Amazon considers that the delivery time is already short with First Class.


I’m getting the same issue. Just processed out 80 orders and 15 or 16 of the orders Amazon’s Buy Shipping wouldn’t allow me to print First Class. It’s an Amazon glitch. Or a glitch between the USPS software and Amazon’s software.

Good luck getting Amazon to help, though. They’re about as useful as diet water or mattress tags.


Interesting, are you showing that UPS will actually pick up and deliver a first class package cheaper than the United States Postal Service?


I have the same problem!!!
I needed to purchase the USPS outside of Amazon.

Nothing to do with the Shipping template nor with the handling time.
Last month UPS discounts were on and off. Now USPS on and off. Amazon keeps us entertained…:slight_smile:


are you showing that UPS will actually pick up and deliver a first class package cheaper than the United States Postal Service?

Yes, it’s been that way for a while now - it’s called ‘Amazon Sponsored Discounts’. To see it, you must not have your own UPS account linked to your Amazon account.

Use caution when accepting the enticingly low rates though - UPS adds on surcharges for lots of additional things - and those don’t show up until weeks after shipping, when you start to see extra charges appear on your payment reports. There are several forum threads discussing it. The rates look good, but proceed with care.


This happened to us for awhile a month or so ago, especially for things going to the West Coast. But then it stopped. We did nothing that accounted for its beginning, and did nothing to account for its ending, so it was a mystery.


So Racing’s suggestion worked, however Jws and Lost brought up another solution as well.

It’s all part of the same solution. :smiley:

What you need:
At least 5 transit days from when you buy your shipping label until the final deliver-by date on the order. This requires 6 total days of time, since the day you ship on is not a transit day. So you need the date of shipment (1 day) plus 5 days in transit, total 6 days from date of order to required delivery date.

How you get it:
Set your shipping settings so orders have at least 5 transit days (combo of handling time + shipping template settings) from the date they are placed, until delivery is due.

The thing that determines an order’s ‘deliver-by date’ are:

  • Your handling time
  • Your shipping template’s transit time settings

When a buyer orders, Amazon shows them that delivery will within “x” days. “X” is determined by adding your handling time (in ‘working’ days) plus your transit time (in ‘transit’ days).

A ‘working’ day is a day you ship on. It will be either -

  • Mon through Fri, for those who have designated Saturday as a non-shipping day
  • Mon through Sat, if you’ve designated Saturday as a shipping day

A ‘transit’ day is every day except Sunday and holidays.

If you put 2 days handling, shipping etc. instead of 1 as I currently have it set, does that 1 extra day offset the problem between the 2-4 day and the 5-8 day, and only increases the delivery date by one day?

Yes. Using 2-day’s handling plus 4-day (2-4) transit, will give you a total of 6 days, or 1 day for shipping and 5 days for transit. However, you will need to ship on the first day of the 2-day handling period. Otherwise, you will be down to a total of 5 days, with 1 day to ship and 4 days for transit, and FC may not be available in some cases.


but don’t you have to change the handling time on each listing? or is there a way to globally change all my listings to a 2 day handling time?


As far as shipping on the first day, at least for me, it is always same or next day, so either way I it would work for me, I am just wondering what negative impact the extra days would have with the first solution as far as customer happiness etc. (lack of a better word)



Just set it to six days handling across the board, protecting your metrics is probably more important than – worrying about guaranteeing Amazon’s customer base - all those happy feelings about shopping & buying something from a seller … that’s just a widget in the Amazon machine of e-commerce…

I’m also convinced there’s something wrong with these people that need – to game the system --need everything yesterday – whine immediately when it doesn’t get there teleported to their porch that day or the next day…

Your responsibility is you ship within the parameters you set up, pack well & hopefully whatever service you chose to deliver it does it in a timely basis…

The rest may just be noise…


This is great response, accurate information and a detailed explanation of what is what. I greatly appreciate posts like these because they are truly helpful. Thank you for taking the time to help the OP.


As far as shipping on the first day, at least for me, it is always same or next day, so either way I it would work for me

It depends on what Buy Shipping thinks the transit time needs to be. Refer back to my examples I posted early from Saturday: (quoting from my earlier post)

I have this different order going to Florida. If I ship it today/Saturday, expected delivery is shown on next Friday. That’s five transit days.


If I try to ship it on Monday, first-class is no longer offered, because 5 transit days after Monday, would be the following Monday, or May 23. The deliver-by date on the order is May 20 -

And Buy Shipping will decide that FC won’t arrive until May 23, which would make the package ‘late’, so FC isn’t offered.



If you set your templates to use 1-2 day handling and 2-4 day delivery, you will have the necessary transit days available if you ship on day one of your handling period, but will be a day short if you wait to ship until day two.

Here, for instance, I have an order that has to be delivered by Friday.

It’s going to an area where Buy Shipping thinks FC delivery will take 4 days - shipping on Monday, Buy Shipping ‘expects’ delivery to be on Friday… 4 days later.


Buy Shipping thinks FC would get it there on May 20, and the order’s deliver-by date is May 20, so Buy Shipping sees FC mail as delivering ‘on time’ so it’s offered.

If I wait to ship until Tuesday, even though that’s allowed by my ‘Ship by’ date, Buy Shipping would calculate FC mail as arriving in 4 days - on Saturday, May 21 - and that would be after the required deliver-by date of May 20. Since Buy Shipping determines using FC mail would result in a late delivery in this case, FC mail isn’t offered.


To keep the ability to ship by FC mail, I have to ship on the first day of my two-day window.


The problem (as I see it) is sellers try and maximize sales by having the shortest delivery date range displayed to customers and leave themselves no room to fix anything.


or is there a way to globally change all my listings to a 2 day handling time?

If you have a Professional Selling Plan (39.99/month) you can change your handling time from 1-day to 2-day, or vice versa, on the General Shipping Settings tab in your Shipping Settings.


People on the Individual Selling plan can only change each listing individually.


Thank you again racing, I decided to set 2-4 days and 2 days handling. I always ship the first day or zero day (same day) so I should be fine. If not at least with all your help I know what to tinker with to get it right.

Another question. A few people had mentioned in the thread that there was a way to set your default shipping to Monday (meaning on the order screen so I don’t have to change each order manually on the weekend), Do you know what settings to change. I thought I had it set right, no options for Sat/Sun but it still shows Saturdays and Sundays when I “click” buy shipping at the beginning.


there was a way to set your default shipping to Monday

I think you may have misunderstood. If you’re talking about the date here -

It will always show the current day. If you want to ship on a future date, you have to change it manually.

Without going back through the whole thread, what I suspect people were talking about was changing your Amazon settings so you don’t claim you ship on the weekends.

That’s here -

That setting controls the ‘Ship By’ part of each order. If you have 1-day handling and an order comes in Friday night, you’ll get either ‘Ship by Monday’ or ‘Ship by Saturday’, depending on your Saturday weekend setting.

But it has nothing to do with the shipping date pre-selected in Buy Shipping, that’s always ‘today’, unless you change it.


awesome, that worked! they say you learn something new every day! thanks


that worked! they say you learn something new every day!

You’re very welcome. Be aware that it might take up to 24 hours for the system to fully apply your new handling time settings, it starts to go into affect immediately, but can take a day or so to be fully implemented across the whole platform.


Yes I’m having the same glitch since Saturday. Amazon manages my shipping promise based on first class mail but they are only offering me priority mail to purchase. This has never happened before. I’ve opened a case with seller support and urge others to do the same. I can’t use UPS due to my location. I’ve had a rash of INR recently so I’m very very disappointed to have to purchase my own first class postage.