FBM Fee Confusion Again


I am getting confused about FBM. I looked up Amazon help files, and they are not helping me at all.

If I sign up as a professional seller using FBM, will amazon still charge me a referral fee? Some people told me that Amazon charge a referral fee only if u are using FBA. Someone else told me that Amazon charge $1 for each product sold.

This is really confusing me.


If you are a professional seller you pay $39.99 per month and you are not charged the $1.00 per item fee. All other fees in the category you are selling will apply.

The fees apply to both FBA and FBM. There are additional fees if you use FBA.


Jenny, go read the fee schedule. These are the fees ALL sellers pay, FBA and FBM. There are separate FBA fees that cover pull and pack also. When you change from Individual to Pro, you pay 39.99 extra a month, but you won’t pay the per item fee of 99 cents. If math is hard, you can look at your fee estimate next to your item in Manage Inventory and that tells you your approximate fee total before you ship. “Referral” means “Amazon commission” and it’s figured on the item plus your ship fee. Everyone pays it. Paying the monthly subscription won’t get you out of it. Most categories it’s about 15 percent of that total, more if you’re selling low priced items.

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If I sell an item for $30 and using FBM, Will amazon charge me 15% referral fee?


Of course. There’s a referral fee on the sale of all products – it’s Amazon’s “commission.”

And in your product category, the 15% applies to your product price PLUS your shipping charge. Ie, to the total amount of the transaction.

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