FBA Unsellable Removal / Return Order - Items marked "Shipped" may be getting DESTROYED instead! Check your Removal Orders!


This is a new one for me. We all know that Amazon has been delaying and/or cancelling items from FBA unsellable removal return orders thanks to Covid-19. That is bad enough…

But now, a new fate has (apparently) met most of the items from my most recent removal order, submitted on July 30.

31 of 34 items, all different ASINs, all Amazon Renewed, with an average selling price of $650 were marked as “Shipped” but with a tracking number of “Dstry” - which I can only assume stands for “Destroy.” I had attempted to remove many of these items multiple times over the past months, but most were either marked “unavailable at this time” or added to a removal order and then cancelled. I also have automated removals enabled - although this particular removal order was manually submitted.

I have opened a case with Seller Support, but not heard back (yet.) I do not have any product authenticity / safety / condition complaints.

Please check your (recent?) removal orders - is anyone else seeing this? Any ideas? Maybe it’s just a glitch that will work itself out - but right now I have $20,000 in potentially destroyed inventory…

See attached pic for details


Thanks for the heads up on this.

I found the same thing on two removal orders I submitted on 7/31/20.

On one order, of the 15 units on the removal order, 12 are still “pending”, two show shipped with tracking number “0 (truck)” (even though they are small oversize and large standard size items with weights under 4 lbs each and would in no way require truck/freight shipping), and one shows tracking number “Destroy (Destroy)”.

On another order, of the 7 units on the removal order, 6 are still “pending”, and one shows tracking number “8/1/2020 (DSTRY)”.

None are HAZMAT items, nor do they contain batteries. No counterfeit complaints or performance notifications or other problems with the ASINs.

I will watch to see what happens to the other units as they clear pending status.

I did not see this on older removal orders going back a month or two. Perhaps a new way to clear the removal order backlog???

Please update your post with what you find out from Seller Support once they reply!


Still no updates from seller support.

And I just had another $20,000 worth of inventory from a second 7/31 removal order (37 units) all marked as “shipped” in one shot, all with tracking number “DSTRY.”

Please take a moment to check your removal orders submitted after 7/20. Click on “View all shipped units” then look at the tracking number(s) and look for “DSTRY” where a UPS or USPS tracking number would normally be.

Please report back in this thread if you are seeing this as well - so we can try to figure this out. Once again there is no official news or support from Amazon.

I might suggest stopping all removal orders and cancelling automated removals as well until we can get to the bottom of this.



A) My seller support case was marked as transferred and closed with this unhelpful message “Your case has been forwarded to another Amazon team and they will contact you regarding your question.”

B) So I called seller support and spoke with a VERY helpful rep. Here are the takeaways from that call:

  1. “DSTRY” does in fact mean “destroyed” and was entered by the returns fulfillment center(s.)
  2. The removal order was clearly for return (not disposal) and as such I should be reimbursed. He could see that one reimbursement request for $20,000 had already been entered into the system. (which I cannot see anywhere in seller central.)
  3. My account looks 100% clear - no red flags or issues.
  4. He wasn’t aware of any internal communication about a change in policy about removal orders.

Again, I’d appreciate if any other FBA sellers could check their recent removal orders about this…


Update on our accout - I submitted a few separate removal orders (all with Removal Method = Return) on July 31, all for “unfulfillable” units (customer returns & whatnot).

Total of 101 units, 71 still “pending”, 11 “cancelled”, and 19 units marked “shipped” but with DESTROY or DSTRY or DSTRY-LTL or similar in the tracking number field.

So every single unit that was processed on those removal orders has been destroyed - not shipped.

I can see no automatic reimbursements (in units or cash) in the Fulfillment Reports/Reimbursements section of Seller Central. So I assume this means I’ll need to open cases to get reimbursed for these.

I did NOT see the DESTROY type tracking numbers on units that were on removal orders 7/22 or earlier (the previous batch I submitted), though many units on those are still “pending.”