FBA - Two boxes delivered, one checked in, refuses to reimburse lost box of inventory


We sent in two cases of identical inventory. Shipped via UPS with Amazon generated labels. Both boxes show delivered on July 31st. Amazon only added one box to our inventory. We have reopened the case multiple times (adding more and more proof), and kept receiving the response “As part of this investigation, we perform a second, physical count to reconfirm the quantity of the items received. Items are marked “Investigation Completed – shipment contents counted and confirmedwhen we have completed the investigation.

We asked to have it escalated because only one of our two boxes was actually processed. The most recent response to the escalation was "Since it has been confirmed that the units claimed to have been missing was not physically received at the warehouse, these become ineligible for further investigation and reimbursement. "

UPS tracking show both boxes delivered to PHX7, so now what? They just refuse to reimburse and we are out the $143 reimbursement owed (or return of the inventory which more than likely was credited to some other lucky seller)?

Anyone experience this problem and have suggestions on what course of action to take now? :confounded:

Shipment FBA15HFQM547 - FBA (7/23/19 8:47 PM)
20.75lbs (Jul 31, 2019 02:25:53 PM - Phoenix AZ US - Delivered) - 10 units
20.75lbs (Jul 31, 2019 02:25:53 PM - Phoenix AZ US - Delivered) - 10 units

Only one of the above were added to inventory, but UPS confirms both boxes delivered.
Tried showing mathematically how this could not add up to only 10 units, still no help.
Item Weight 2.05 pounds
A case box weighing 20.75lb is for 10 units.
Two cases, totaling 41.5lbs was delivered on July 31st
41.5lbs = 20 units @ 2.05lbs per unit

Invoices and proof of delivery by UPS are all ignored. This is the first time we have had them lose a box of inventory and not find it, going back years, so not a issue of excessive reimbursement claims, and also not an issue with incorrect counts. Everything we ship is case packed in manufacturer boxing, so it is simply that they lost a box that arrived at their warehouse and are denying all accountability. We even suggested THEY file a claim with UPS to recoup the funds needed to reimburse us, but nope, not their problem… too bad, so sad…:roll_eyes:

Would love some help on this one!! :pray: