FBA Small and Light


What are your thoughts about the FBA Small and Light program?

Introducing the FBA Small and Light program
Jun 1, 2015
FBA Small and Light is a new low-cost fulfillment solution for your fast moving, small and light products that are typically priced under $10. The program offers a competitive fulfillment solution for products that you currently fulfill through your own fulfillment network.

The benefits of the program are:
Lower fulfillment costs than the standard FBA program
FREE standard shipping for all customers
No minimum order requirements
Amazon’s trusted customer service and returns
Please note that FBA Small and Light offers do not display Prime or Add-on badges. Because FBA Small and Light offers do not display Prime badging, your products currently in standard FBA may perform better with standard FBA. You are currently unable to have an offer in both FBA Small and Light and the standard FBA program.

If you’d like to learn more about the FBA Small and Light program, please see our FBA Small and Light page.

What are your thoughts regarding this program? I am debating whether or not to try it. Not sure there are benefits for me.


Did not realize it was by invitation only.

I am not sure about the benefits.Why do you think this is this better than shipping ourselves?



Most of my customers are Prime and my lowest-priced item is $15, so it’s not a good fit for me.


I’d have to disagree.



I enjoy FBA, but really dislike the returns. Some people purchase items without reading descriptions and return items damaged by them or during shipping. Either way I lose.
Have also had negative product reviews (on the product pages) caused by returns to FBA.
Don’t you have those issues too? If not, what’s the secret?

Also, would like to know the return fees as well as the cost to send the items back if damaged. I have many items that fit this category, but need to know all costs.


FYI- I am looking for personal opinions.


I believe it was by Invitation only.

I signed up for it last week, but haven’t heard back from Amazon yet on any further details.

But from what I did read, it’s a winning situation.

Hopefully the “end game” is to do away with the Add-on program!




Either they have changed the wording since last week, or I misread it originally.

It says that it is NOT good for items that are “be currently fulfilled through your own fulfillment network (cannot be enrolled in standard FBA).”

So, that makes no sense.

I have to recall all those items, and then send them back in under the Small and Light program?

Maybe I’m missing something here, but why couldn’t Amazon just convert over my existing FBA items that were eligible?


With FBA, I see increased sales, as well as higher selling price points.

I’m currently in the process of converting over all my old MF’ed items to FBA now.

I’ve been FBA for about 2.5 years, but had a lot of old inventory left from my MF days, so I was still about 10% MF and 90% FBA.

My goal is to be 100% FBA and never MF another item again.

Allows more freedom to travel, space in my home office, and not having to ever deal with shipping an item out again.



Thanks, Captain Cut-N-Paste.

I mistakenly thought that the OP was looking for personal opinions, so I took the time to type out a long post.



Honestly, I try to sell items that aren’t commonly returned.

I’m at a little less than 2% Returns since Jan 1st.

And most of those were still Fulfillable and were just returned to my Inventory.

Is it specific TYPES of items that seem to be more problematic for you?



I have sold over 4000 items since January 1 and my return rate is .19%. Why are some sellers having over 1% return rates? Quality of merchandise? buyers remorse? whatever it is 2% return rate is not good. anyone over 1% return rate over 3 months should need to really see how they can fix that. I do understand that returns is a part of business but anything over 1% is a bit much.


I put the measurements of the item in three different places in each listing. I still get “It’s not the size I thought it was” returns, but not so many it’s a problem.

Pulling a standard-size FBA item from the warehouse costs 50 cents. Return fees vary by category. I usually pay $2.45-ish for every item (not every order) that’s returned.


In the FBA Small and Light page, there is a button to contact Amazon.
> I am not sure about the benefits.Why do you think this is this better than shipping ourselves?

  • Buyers still have more confidence in Fulfillment by Amazon over 3rd party sellers.
  • For those who can’t handle the shipping themselves.


Inexpensive…Not cheap :wink:


I have an item that people return stating the size is not as expected. I have the size as the first bullet point, and supplemental photos with common items next to it to show the size. One photo includes a ruler alongside it.


From the reply I received,

Please note that products currently in standard FBA may see a sales decrease if converted to FBA Small and Light, since FBA Small and Light offers do not display Prime badging. Products that are eligible for the program will generally:

• weigh less than or equal to 8 ounces;
• have dimensions less than or equal to 9x6x2 inches; and
• be priced under $10.




I would disagree also if my return rate was 2%. Chances are your return rate is 2% because you are in FBA. When you allow someone to run your business(because your not) things like that happen. FBA is a buyers dream…its not the free shipping because many sellers compete with FBA by listing 4 dollars below…its due to the fact that they can abuse it then return with impunity.

Many buyers know that they can use stuff for weeks and most times months and then return it. the customer service rep allows the return and they dare the seller to collect a restocking fee. collect the fee and boom a to z claim and bad feedback. How can you win when the system is stacked against you? the way you win is to self fulfill because your buyers will be more earnest.


I had requested more info on the program and was basically turned down for this reason. My items were not a good fit mainly because I’m currently 100% FBA. Another seller mentioned last week that you had to allow co-mingle to be in the program, so that may have something to do with it too.

The bottom line is that no, they do not just convert your existing FBA items that are eligible as I have many that are. Also the email mentioned that items in the program are not Prime eligible, so I wouldn’t be interested anyway.

Oh well, worth a shot.


Gotcha #1: Inventory will be commingled.

Gotcha #2: Reimbursements for lost inventory will be more complicated.

These products are also not eligible for multichannel fulfillment, so if they do not sell on Amazon you will have to recall them to sell them elsewhere. Then again, this is for cheap items (under $10).


All your FBA inventory currently displays as Prime eligible though, with free 2-day shipping for Prime subscribers. None of the items in this new program will display as Prime, and no free 2-day ship for anybody.

Without that Prime eligibilty in there, no way of knowing if using this would increase sales, let alone lead to a seller being able to sell at higher prices.