FBA Small and Light changes coming in August 2019


Clarification needed on AMZ small and light changes.

Small and light (S&L) is lowering the pricing limit from 15$ to 7$, we have a 10$ item in S&L which sells about 10 - 15 units a day.

In their email, AMZ state the following verbatim:

“Starting January 27, 2020, all items exceeding 10 oz or $7 will be converted to standard FBA and subject to FBA fulfillment fees.”

Does that mean I can keep stocking this item as normal into S&L to keep inventory levels in the green, and AMZ will automatically shift those items to normal FBA centers when January 2020 rolls around?

Do I risk losing stock by relying on them to do the right and “literally stated” thing?


I am sure they mean that existing inventory will be converted.

At some point you will have to send it correctly. The way amazon is you know they will put their foot down about people sending stuff to small and light that is not any longer classified as small and light- and charge you for this somehow, or give you some kind of warning.

I am sure there will be a grace period, but I would not expect to continue sending things in forever to small and light that do not qualify, without expecting some consequences for knowingly doing so.


No of course not, we certainly wouldn’t do that.

It simply comes down to maintaining the IPI score and fee’s.

  • Basically we can’t change the listing back to normal FBA until the stock level goes below 25 units, currently (530)

  • If we let it run down, we will get punished via the IPI score and storage fee’s for being in the yellow or red.

So the plan is simply to keep the item in the green between 400 - 700 units in Small and light, and when Jan 2020 rolls over, hope that Amazon simply shift the stock to normal FBA centers.

Which is when we will start to ship to the original FBA centers.

Like I said, really just don’t want them telling us we have to destroy the S&L stock or something irregular like that on Jan 2020.

There is nothing else to follow up on in the email either for clarification sadly…


I do not know how much more clear they could make it. On 1/27 it will convert to normal/standard FBA and fees.