FBA Shipping Plan, not shipping to all FCs in plan


75 unit Shipping Plan comes up:

25 - VA
25 - FL
25 - WA

50lb sub $100 items are now no longer economical, to ship to WA

Is there a policy against, or is it possible, to complete with just VA and FL?


Have you tried at different times to see if you get better options?


Still playing with my oversize options. I’m expecting Amazon would frown on lots of deleted and re-created shipping plans.


We just leave it at the stage where they tell you what the breakout will be. Try again later. Raise/lower the quantity.

You could look at what Inventory Placement would cost you. It would be charged on all 75. But it is all about the math.


Because they’re individual oversized, placement put them all back on the high side.


Many a year ago, our first major shipment to FBA. Multiple pallets. We banged our heads on tables for a few days. No matter the changes we made, something had to be sent different. Finally figured out one product was oversized. The rest were not.

Later, try to send send a pallet of oversized and, yup, 3 different locations. But we could trim one because it was under 6.


There is a policy against not shipping all of the shipments.